People of Uganda

Naturally gifted, the small landlocked has a diverse culture. It encompasses religion, tribe, traditions and beliefs, value systems, and language among others.

According to indicates that Uganda hosts the largest concentration of ethnic groups in the world.

Uganda’s population is made up of different ethnic groups with unique customs and norms. Ethnicity here plays a major role in shaping the behavior and ways of life of the people in the country.

Before the colonial era, people in Uganda lived in their independent ethnic belongings which had varying systems of formation and leadership.

As well today, through the unification of the country many ethnic groups in the country are seen clinging on their antique fits, holding to the same ancestral practices.

Although the thought of being the indigenous people of Uganda are not for over decades the government did not recognize them who including; Twa, Ik, Banete, Karamonjog.

The indigenous ethnicity of Uganda is composed of two groups of Bantu (spread central, eastern, and southern and western Uganda) and Nilotic (occupying the northern).

The Bantu speakers form at least 3 quarters of the population in Uganda, largely the Bantu are composed of Baganda forming about 17% of the population in the country, followed by the Banyankore, Basoga, Bakiga, followed by the Nilotic (Iteso, Langi, Bagisu, Acholi Lugbara).

Currently there a large cases of cultural intermarriages which have caused a great cultural integration washing away some of the traditional values in the coming generations.

Some cultural groupings are headed by traditional kings or chiefs who are not politically elected but have an indirect role in community governance and moral build-up.

Persistently, these traditional cultural still have a great influence on their strongholds, and this has placed around certain kinds of cultural competition greatly coming from the some outstanding Buganda Kingdom.

Most outstanding Kingdoms and Chiefdoms

Buganda Kingdom

Bunyoro Kingdom

Busoga Kingdom

Toro Kingdom

Bamasa Chiefdom

Acholi chiefdom

Percentage distribution of Uganda population by ethnicity (census 2014)

Ethnic group Percentage
Baganda 16.5
Banyankore 9.6
Basoga 8.8
Bakiga 7.1
Iteso 7
Langi 6.3
Bagisu 4.9
Acholi 4.4
Lugbara 3.3
Other ethnic groups 32.1
Total 100