Is it possible to Find Fuel Points in Uganda?

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Yes it is possible to find fuel points in Uganda. Uganda imports all its petroleum products requirements from overseas since there is yet no local production. About 90% of Uganda’s petroleum imports are routed through Kenya with 10% coming through Tanzania.

Recently fuel prices have been going up in Uganda because of resumption of economic activities led to sharp increase in demand for petroleum products, yet the supply was still low, which led a hike in fuel prices.

Gas stations where you can get gas during your 4×4 rooftop tent in Uganda include

Shell Uganda

In Uganda, shell products and services are provided by Vivo Energy, a license of the shell brand. The group has a network of over 2100 service stations in 23 countries across North, West, East and Southern Africa and exports lubricants to a number of other African countries. So there are over 161 shell service stations in Uganda and these include;

  • Shell Tirinyi
  • Shell Bwebajja
  • Shell Munyonyo
  • Shell Bweyogerere
  • Shell Bunamwaya
  • Shell Entebbe Express
  • Shell Buloba
  • Shell Komamboga
  • Shell Kyanja
  • Shell Seguku
  • Shell Sembabule
  • Shell Bwaise
  • Shell Lugala
  • Shell Mitayan
  • Shell Kampala Masindi
  • Shell Kampala Hoima Road
  • Shell Kireka Kira
  • Shell Nansana
  • Shell Bakuli opposite city oil Namirembe
  • Shell Kansanga
  • Shell Wandegeya
  • Shell Namusera
  • Dashell Namugongo
  • Shell Depot
  • Shell Kibuye
  • Shell Ndebba
  • Shell Mobuti
  • Shell Ggaba Road
  • Shell Masaka
  • Shell 6 Ben Kiwanuka
  • Shell Wakaliga Road
  • Shell Muyenga
  • Shell Capital
  • Shell prine Badru Kakungulu Road
  • Shell Fort Road
  • Shell Kampala Road
  • Shell Gayaza Kampala Road
  • Shell Gas Station Kabaka Road Kampala
  • Shell Kyaliwajjala Naalya Road
  • Shell Jinja Road service station
  • Shell Kireka Bira
  • Shell Bweyogerere service station
  • Shell Petro station Airport Road Entebbe
  • Shell Kubili
  • Shell Yusuf Lule Road

Total Energies

Total Uganda has been operating in Uganda since 1955. Its involvement in the country has been growing over the years with 200 active service stations countrywide, offering the full range of petroleum.

In January 2015, Total Energies Uganda kicked off celebrations to mark 60 years of doing business in Uganda. This coincided with the unveiling of the new image of its service stations with a more contemporary and environmentally friendly look.

In 2016, Total Energies Uganda introduced Excellium, a new line of specific fuels that clean engines, provide lasting protection to ensure they perform better, use less fuel and produce fewer polluting emissions. This is in line with the group’s vision of “Committed to better energy” which means safer, cleaner, more efficient, and more innovative and more accessible energy.

Below are the gas stations in Kampala;

  • Total Energies City Center Service Station
  • Total Energies Kireka Service Station
  • Total Energies Ntinda Service station
  • Total Energies Nsambya Service station
  • Total Energies Bukoto Service station
  • Total Energies Nakawa Service station
  • Total Energies Seeta High
  • Total Energies Nalukolongo
  • Total Energies Makerere Service station
  • Total Energies Nakulabye Service station
  • Total Energies Namungoona
  • Total Energies Wakaliga Service
  • Total Energies Najjera Service station
  • Total Energies Makerere-Ka
  • Total Energies Lubiri Hill Service station
  • Total Fuel Station (Bwaise)
  • Total Energies Kalerwe Service station
  • Total Energies Wampewo
  • Total Energies
  • Total Energies Jinja Road Service station


Luqman Fuel Station is a petrol station in Central Uganda located on Entebbe Road. Luqman Fuel Station is situated nearby to the church House of Revival and the hospital Mildmay Uganda.

  • Luqman Rubaga
  • Luqman Entebbe
  • Luqman Jinja Road
  • Luqman Bwaise
  • Luqman Kyengera

City oil

City oil is a leading fuel company with a chain of customer-centred, ultra-modern fuel stations throughout Kampala, Uganda. City Oil, a part of the Mandela Group of Companies, is a leaders in the automobile service industry and runs a chain of spacious ultra-modern fully automated fuel stations, large enough to handle any volume of service quickly hence giving better services to the motoring public. Below are some of the service station around Kampala;

  • City Oil, Martin Road
  • City Oil, Kira Road
  • City Oil, Bombo Road
  • Oilwell Namugongo
  • City oil
  • City Oil, Namirembe Road
  • City Oil, Jinja Road

Rubis Energy Uganda

Rubis Energy Uganda is a high quality brand of choice for people throughout Uganda. Rubis is now a major player in the fuels distribution business in Uganda. In 2019, the company acquired the assets owned and operated by Kobil, and later Samfuel in 2020. With nearly 40 service-stations, the Rubis card payment system, K-Lube brand in motor, industrial, speciality lubricants and greases, and K-Gas for cooking, Rubis is now a strong player in the fuels distribution business in Uganda.

Rubis Energy Uganda runs a strong network of over 54 strategically and conveniently located service stations countrywide under the Kobil and Delta brands. Below are the service stations around Kampala;

  • Rubis Rubaga Road Service
  • Rubis Kibuye Service Station
  • Rubis Ndeeba Service Station
  • Rubis Kisenyi Service Station
  • Rubis Mengo Service Station
  • Rubis Bombo Road Service
  • Rubis Kansanga Service Station
  • Rubis Makerere Service Station
  • Rubis Kasubi Service Station
  • Rubis Nakulabye Service Station
  • Rubis Bugolobi Service Station
  • Rubis Gayaza Road Service station
  • Rubis Kamwokya Service Station
  • Rubis Kawempe Service Station
  • Rubis Ntinda Service Station
  • Rubis Kyengera Service Station
  • Rubis Energy Uganda
  • Rubis Bbira Service Station
  • Rubis Energy Bwebajja

Tosha Petro stations

Tosha fuel station is a petrol station in Central Uganda. Tosha fuel station is situated nearby to the hospital Namulanda Medical Center and the public building Directorate of Public Prosecutions – Kitende. Below are other service gas station;

  • Tosha Rubaga Road Service Station
  • Tosha Petrol Station
  • Tosha Fuel Station Maganjo
  • Tosha Petrol Station

Stabex International

Stabex International Limited is an independent oil and gas marketing Company incorporated in 2009. The Company operates in East and Central Africa with its retail distribution network spreading in Kenya and Uganda. The Company has over the years grown its sales volume to more than 300 million liters annually as at the end of 2019. The Company has heavily invested in storage facilities as well as retail stations. The Company has over seventy (70) Retail Service Stations along major roads and eight (8) depots strategically located within Kenya and Uganda. In addition to this, we supply more than 550 bulk re-sellers who own fuel stations.

  • Stabex Nansana
  • Stabex Mbuya
  • Stabex Namugongo Road
  • Stabex Kitende
  • Stabex Kibuli Service Stati
  • Stabex International oil station
  • Stabex Kyebando
  • Stabex Mpererwe
  • Stabex Nabweru
  • Stabex Naluvule
  • Stabex Mutundwe
  • Stabex Mukono
  • Stabex Lungujja
  • Stabex Bulaga
  • Stabex Lubowa
  • Stabex Soya
  • Stabex International
  • Stabex Bombo
  • Stabex Garuga
  • Stabex Nsangi
  • Stabex Namawanjjolo
  • Stabex Kawuku
  • Stabex Mityana
  • Stabex Katosi

Western Region

  • Stabex Kyabakuza
  • Stabex Mbarara
  • Stabex Kisoro

Eastern Region

  • Stabex Wanyange
  • Stabex Iganga
  • Stabex Busia
  • Stabex Malaba
  • Stabex Budaka
  • Stabex Hayat
  • Stabex Imran
  • Stabex Tororo Rd
  • Stabex Nakaloke
  • Stabex Mbale

West Nile Region

  • Stabex Parombo
  • Stabex Panyimur
  • Stabex Paidha
  • Stabex Cleanex/Ubl
  • Stabex Lira
  • Stabex Agwen

Albertain Region

  • Stabex Lwamata
  • Stabex City Fuel
  • Stabex Kiboga
  • Stabex Bukwiri
  • Stabex Kiryatete
  • Stabex Kyesiga
  • Stabex Katasiha
  • Stabex Hoima- Depot
  • Stabex Hoima-Uptown
  • Stabex Bukomero

Fuelex Flue Station

  • Fuelex Lweza
  • Fuelex Makerere – Kavule
  • Fuelex Makindye
  • Fuelex Kawempe
  • Fuelex Busega
  • Fuelex Nalukolongo
  • Fuelex Bweyogerere
  • Fuelex Namungoona

Hass petroleum

Hass Petroleum was founded in 1997 by two brothers, Abdirizak Ali Hassan and sitting Chairman Abdinasir Ali Hassan. The current CEO is Mohamud Salat, based in Nairobi. Abdinasir Ali Hassan currently lives in the UAE and London.The organization built its first gas station in Kisumu in 2002.

In May 2017, the company began construction on the tallest building in Africa. In July 2017, it was announced that an Omani government-owned oil company had purchased a 40.3% stake in Hass Petroleum. In June 2018, Hass Petroleum opened a new service station along Juja Road

  • Hass Petroleum Ndeeba
  • Hass Petroleum Makindye
  • Hass Petroleum Kisenyi 1
  • Hass Petroleum Bunga
  • Hass Petroleum Mulago
  • Hass Petroleum Bakuli
  • Hass Petroleum Kisenyi 2
  • Hass Petroleum Namungona
  • Hass Petroleum Nalukolongo
  • Hass Petroleum Namasuba
  • Hass Petroleum Kawempe
  • Hass Petroleum Wakiso
  • Hass Petroleum Busega
  • Hass Petroleum Kasangati
  • Hass Petroleum Banda
  • Payway POS – Hass petrol station
  • Hass Petroleum Bweyogerere
  • Hass Petroluem Najjera
  • Hass Bunamwaya

Oil Com Petro Station

This station offers fuel, petrol diesel and kerosene as well as gas refilling for those who cook on gas. Most importantly the prices here are relatively cheap.

  • OILCOM Petrol station Masaka
  • Oilcom Petrol Station sir Apollo Kaggwa Road
  • Oil com Gayaza Kampala Road
  • OILCOM Kireka Bbira
  • OIL COM Bombo Road
  • OIL COM Nansana
  • OILCOM Namanve Service Station
  • Oil Com Nsangi Station

Petrocity Uganda

The Oil Terminal is located at Kyengera, Kampala, which has a storage capacity of 12 million liters. We have a Retail network of 75 Stations spread across Uganda. Oil Terminal boasts of being fully computerized using Accuload meters and Dearman program for stock control and stock issuance.

  • Petrocity Kibuye
  • Petrocity Makindye
  • Petrocity Nateete
  • Ntinda station
  • Kitintale station


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