Who is to Blame for the Day to Day Climate Change

Every minute that counts, Uganda and the whole world is experiencing changes in the climate, this is attributed to very many causes who’s solutions are yet to be found in almost every part of the world.
For the white man, they call it global warming, for them, they are experiencing changes in temperatures, and it’s alleged that this problem is worldwide much as the Black man has not yet considered that yet, just because they had not took it as a serious issue until now when they have started experiencing changes in their seasons.
The largest number of countries in Africa being dependents on agriculture, this has left them shocked and with very many questions who’s answers are yet to be resolved.
In changing of seasons means that the re-known seasons for planting are now changing to be seasons heated by serious sunshine which leaves behind questions like.
1. When should we plan to plant?
2. How sure are you that the rain seasons is coming next ? since most of our farmers do subsistence farming, it’s somehow hard for them to install irrigation systems which are expensive for them.
3.  How best can everyone contribute to find solution to this problem?
Well, according to the information gathered by reporters of this site world over, different people have raised concern to this problem and they have brought up some ideas to which they think that will be relevant to the fight for this common enemy.
According to some scientists, this could be caused by rampant deforest in most countries and this can only be solved by re-afforestation and this is said to be the easiest because it is under everyone’s reach.
Other scientists think this problem is largely caused by the continues occupation of areas that were created to be supportive in different seasons such as swamps, these areas that where created to provide water in the dry seasons and rainy seasons.
As all ideas were needed on this matter, when people were asked on individual merit, our reporters came to this cover that most of them has got a common point with them which is the improper dumping of west more so the practices which can not decompose a fact that surely affects those that are basing on water bodies and those that are basing on land.
And our reporters were called upon by the society to reach out to those that have power to come out and play their role before it’s too late for the problem to be solved.


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