Masindi Hotel History

Masidi Hotel View

Masindi Hotel is arguably Uganda’s oldest hotel with great memories to boast around. The hotel is located in northwestern Kampala, Uganda’s capital and the hotel is confident below the Western Rift Valley escarpment.

The hotel shines in the town of Masindi along Main Street at the junction of Masindi Kigumba road.

Masindi hotel was constructed in 1923 by the now Defunct East African Railway and Harbors Company.  It was a park for commerce between Uganda, Congo, and South Sudan for the goods which were collected here to the railway line that continued to Soroti and continued through Mbale to Mombasa in Kenya.

So by the 20th century, the Hotel was destined for goods that were taken to the European market.

The hotel has featured in a number of scenes, it was accommodated by Humphrey Bogart and Catherine Hepburne when filming the famous African Queen Movie which was shoot in Murchison falls and the surrounding communities.

After the two plane crashes in Murchison Falls at Butiaba Airstrip, Ernest Hemingway stayed and recovered at Hotel Masindi.

After independence, Hotel Masindi was taken over by the government, but later in 2000, the hotel was privatized and a lot of renovations were made.

It’s a descend accommodation that offers midrange services, the rooms are nothing flash, with the intercontinental dishes and Hemmingway bar remains one of the exciting places to sip a drink.

Today, Hotel Masindi is one of the major accommodations that ushers descend intercontinental services in Masindi and Murchison Falls National Park.

The hotel is 21km before reaching Kacumbanyobo gate which is easily accessed via Masindi. And it’s about 80km to reach Murchison Falls on the Victoria Nile.

Staying at Masindi hotel is ideal for accessing a number of fine tourist destinations among which include Murchison Falls National, Uganda’s top tourist destination, Budongo forest at the outskirts of the park mainly used for chimpanzee tracking, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, Lake Albert, and the Bugoma forest.

The hotel can be accessed in the northwestern from Kampala, it’s about 210 drive which is approximately 3 hours drive from Kampala via Kampala-Bombo-Gulu and turn at River Kafu Bridge to Masindi town.



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