A student drowns in Lake Bunyonyi


The 18-year-old student reportedly drowned in Lake Bunyonyi and died after the canoe in which she with her father and the other sister in which were sailing capsized.

The incident took place on Easter Monday 18th of April.

The incident was confirmed by the police spokesperson of the Kigezi region Elly Maate, who identified the deceased as Promise Ahumuza a student at Buhumba Foundation College in senior four.

Ahumuza was in the company of her father and sister when the canoe capsized, the father and sister survived.

The father was identified as Christopher Kaganga together with his two daughters were sailing from Butenga to Kitumba sub-county where they had gone to collect sweet potatoes.

Unfortunately, the boat they were using to sail due to strong wind got filled with water and capsized, the two kept a hold of the boat until they got rescued but the deceased got tired after she had tried to swim and ended up drowning.

At the time police made a press release, police were still searching for the deceased body.

It’s well known that Lake Bunyonyi is the 2nd deepest lake in Africa, and this makes it a threat to people using the lake. It’s estimated that at least 4o people drown in the lake every year.





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