Bus Operators Hike Transport fares

New Bus fares across the country
New Bus fares across the country

United Bus Owners Association hikes bus fares across the country

According to the press release by the United Bus Owners Association on Wednesday 1, December, they decided to hike the transport fares for all bus users across the country. For many reasons, the bus owners decided to revise their transportation fares.

This has come shortly after the fare of fuel is seen raising every now and then, yet the government of Uganda came out and confirmed that they can’t do anything on the fuel issue. As of today a litter of fuel costs Ugsh4,600 this is becoming so abnormal.

The practice of raising the transport fares for many years has been known to surface as in the festival season which as well the same season the bus operators have decided to raise the transport fares.

The bus operators claim that the cost of fuel is making it inevitable for them to retain the prevailed transport fares. Yet they are taking half a bus which came after the corona pandemic textured in the country.

However, leaving out the issues of increasing fares during the festival seasons, this time around the cost of fuel is hiking at an unpredictable rate and in the East African region Uganda is leading is the highest rates of $1.288 gasoline and $1.187 for diesel and Tanzania is scoring with the lowest rates of $1.059 gasoline and $0.974 diesel.

Kisenyi Bus terminal

According to the press release by UBOA indicates that their fares will range from Ugsh20,000 for the shortest journey to Jinja and Makasa to Ugsh100,000 to northern Uganda in Karenga.

The commissioner in charge of transport and safety in the ministry of works Winston Katushabe halted the decision of the association of united bus owners to effect new fares across the country. The bus owners say the decision to hike their charges is driven by rising fuel prices which affect the cost of doing business.

Bus operators affecting these transport predictably will inspire all other road transports to as well to raise their transporting rates as they’re faced with the same fuel challenge.



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