M23 rebels blamed for killing 11 in DR Congo

M23 rebels blamed for for killing 16 in eastern congo

The renowned M23 rebel groups are allegedly blamed for killing about 11 in northeastern DR Congo, the incident happened on 16th, July Sunday. According to the sources in Rutshuru territory, the rebel group is eyed for the incident.

The dead bodies were found in Bukombo, around 100 kilometers (62 miles) north of the regional capital Goma after the rebels withdrew from the area.

According to Isaac Kibira, a deputy to the governor of the Bwito area in north Kivu, said the victims were killed by M23.

The United Nations claims that this rebel group has a link to neighboring Rwanda, which the country has kept denying.

These 11 corpses of civilians were found some shot dead, others killed with knives,” and there were no fighters found around the area.

One civil society leader put the number at 12, saying the rebels had fought against “self-defense groups yesterday” and left “with people they forced to carry their luggage. The bodies were discovered on Sunday and were left in two neat rows in the grass.

According to Paris-based research group Sahel Intelligent, before withdrawing, the M23 rebel group had occupied the area since Tuesday.

The Tutsi-led M23 rebel group has seized swathes of territory and displaced about a million people in the region since re-emerging from dormancy in late 2021.

M23 is among the more than 120 armed groups that are fighting in eastern Congo, of which most of them are eyeing owning lands and controlling the mining centers, and other groups are establishing security for their communities from the rival groups.

Till now the rebel group has not yet responded to the claims.


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