Philadelphia Zoo adopted three Ankole Cattle        

Ankole-Watusi Cattle at the Philadephia

The Philadephia zoo had made history after accommodating three breeds of long-horned cattle that were locally named the Ankole cattle.

These are distinctive breeds of African cattle the Ankole – Watusi –Cattle stands out from the typical herd due to its long and curved horns.

The Zoo says, the Ankole-Watusi (Ankole cattle also known as “Cattle of King,” are known for their massive horns, measuring up to eight feet wide.

“We are thrilled to announce the zoo has three new residents in the African plains, and we need your help naming them! Ankole-Watusi cattle are domesticated African breeds whose names are derived from native tribes: “Banyankole” of Uganda and Tutsi of Rwanda and Burundi. They are often referred to as the cattle of the King,” and their horns can grow to be 40 inches long.”

These breeds are estimated to weigh between 1,200 and 1,600. The three Ankole-Watusi cattle are now on exhibit as part of the African plain section.

Zookeepers have narrowed down name options in line with the traditions of Uganda’s Banyankole people (originators of the Ankole breed).

The three new gentle giants, natives of East Africa, are the descendants of an ancient breed of Egyptian longhorns that lived in the Nile Valley around 4000 BC.

They were considered sacred animals and generally only used to supply milk, not meat. That custom has largely survived today in their current domesticated status as livestock.

Ankole-Watusi is one of several regional strains of African long-horned cattle and is found in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, and parts of Tanzania.

associated with the Banyankole and Tutsi cultures, while other Ankole breeds are connected to the Bahima, Ankole, and Kivu cultures.

Uganda’s Banyankole people (originators of the Ankole breed) usually name their cattle based on coloration. Occasionally, they use the personality of the animal to provide the name.

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