Principal Judge Motorcade was hit by Bomb

Jailed Congoles for Parrot Tracking

The newsrooms on Sunday evening were washed with spreading news of the attempted murder of the principal Judge Dr. Flavian Zeija which news was confirmed by the Judiciary spokesperson Jameson Karemani.

“This was an act of cowardice and we are confident that the perpetrators shall at an appropriate time be brought to book. The Uganda Police Force has commenced investigations into this incident,” Karemani said.

The incident happened on Sunday evening hours along the Kampala – Masaka highway. The attempts were claimed to bullet shorts on the motorcade of the principal judge though no one among the people on the convoy was killed or injured.

According to the internal affairs minister, Kahinda Otafire confirmed that the attempt was not targeting the principal judge but was targeting to hit the government rebelled vehicles.

Investigations done by the Joint Anti-Terrorism Taskforce indicate that the Principal Judge Dr. Flavian Zeija’s convoy was hit by an improvised bomb but not bullets shot as was claimed earlier.

The commanders of specialized security agencies comprising Crime Intelligence, Criminal Investigations Directorate, Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, Internal Security Organizations, and Directorate of Forensic Science dispatched a team to the scene in Mpigi.

The investigators discovered that it was an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), which went off as Dr. Zeija’s convoy was passing. The bomb squad from the police and army was later called on to collect the exhibits.

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga Fred Enanga said that the IED that damaged two vehicles in Dr. Zeija’s motorcade was built using improvised materials such as aluminum, nails, and broken bottles and plastics.

Enanga says security agencies have started tracing the suspects behind the explosives. Security says the group target isolated places along the Masaka-Kampala highway where they plant and detonate IEDs.

Last year a number of similar incidents happened in the city center and outskirts of Kampala which claimed a number of people’s lives. The incident first happened in Komamboga, CPS, Parliament Avenue, and Mpigi inside a Swift bus.

And finally, the security organs urged Ugandans to remain vigilant because terror threats are still outstanding.


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