The Crocodile attack leaves one dead


A crocodile attacked islanders killed one and left one nursing serious injuries at the Ntuwe landing site, Bunjaazi Island in Kalangala district.

The one killed was identified as Ainaman Jordan, 15, who was trying to rescue Kalifani Koowa, 18, whom this crocodile attacked first while fetching water from the shoreline of Lake Victoria.

According to the eye witness identified as Erick says when the crocodile attacked Koowa, Ainaman rushed to rescue him but unfortunately it turned to him, grabbed him, and disappeared with him.

“I couldn’t rush to rescue Koowa because I was in shock but after disappearing with him, we made an alarm that forced our fellow residents to come for rescue. By the time they came in, the crocodile had already disappeared,” Erick narrates.

Ainaman’s remains have been discovered on the shoreline of Bunjaazi islands though his body parts including intestines, chest, and thighs were already plagued by this crocodile.

Residents led by Veronica Nakasita, the deputy sub-county chairperson have appealed to Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) to come to their rescue.

The residence said Ainaman is the fifth person to be killed by a crocodile on this landing site.


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