Uganda Tourism Board is Prompting to Increase Uganda Tourism Base from East Africa


Uganda Tourism Board is Prompting to Increase Uganda Tourism Base from East Africa. The board’s participation was a bid to negotiate on the East African tourist market base with efforts to increase the number of tourists visiting Uganda as a tourism destination.

The Karibu Kili-fair expo happened at Magereza grounds in Arusha city Tanzania. The expo attracted over 400 exhibitors coming from 15 African countries, with about 500 regional and international travel agents.

The Karibu Kili-fair expo hosted a number of buyers from over 30 countries with over 8,000 trade visitors. It was a great opportunity for UTB to display unique tourism values to various buyers to ensure an increased arrival of tourists right from the region.

Karibu Kili Fair is a private initiative, however, the East African Community Secretariat collaborates with the partnership States and leverages the opportunity to exploit the tourist’s potential within the region.

All the six-member states in the EAC participated in the refinement of the East African Tourism Marketing strategy 2021-2025 to promote the community as a single tourism destination.

At the even meeting, the regional tourism catalog, destination videos, thematic branding, and regional lessons from the EAC-SADC were all discussed for the attainment of both immediate and short-term gains in the region.

USB to participate in the event was a great opening of positioning the destination as one most preferred tourist destinations.

Lilly Ajarova, the UTB CEO said, while the region may have a homogenous attraction like mammals, sandy beaches, and reptiles, Uganda boasts about 50% of the surviving Mountain Gorillas in the world, about 1075 different bird species

The number of tourists drastically receded due to the global emergency of the Covid-19 pandemic. The regional and domestic market has proved to be the way to go.

USB, following the full-scale opening of the economy from the covid-19 effects, the board initiated Explore Uganda, the Pearl of Africa promotion code with the aim of sounding an alarm to tourists wishing to revisit and visit Uganda.

And through this promotional code, the board has organized and participated in a number of tourism events on a local, regional and international levels.


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