Uganda’s Hugest Rolex in World Genius Book



The street snack scores a space in the world’s genius book of records. After Uganda officially Uganda launched Rolex as one of the special foods in the country, then again the hustle with the snack has extended that Uganda has presented the hugest street snack in the world.

The world’s hugest snack weighs 204.6kg and is 2.32m (10ft 6in). 70kgs of flour, 1200 eggs, and 90kg of veggies, 40kgs of water, 60 participants, 4 attempts and all done in 14:36:00hours, all this investment resulted in the world record-breaking.

Uganda YouTube Raymond Kahuma worked all things possible in Kasokoso a Kampala suburb, Raymond explains that it took a year of planning and was to cause the record true by 2020, but finally the dream came true in late 2020.

What is about the Rolex snack?

When in Uganda and hear of a Rolex, let the Swiz luxurious watch be your last resort to think about, rather keep the mindset to an everywhere street fastest food (snack).

A Rolex is a rolled egg (fried eggs rolled into a chapatti) rolled eggs “roll eggs – Rolex”. When hearing of Magi, nyanya mbisi, butungulu (eggs, raw tomatoes, and onions) it’s a Rolex. In Uganda we don’t wear the Rolex, rather we eat.

This snack has taken on throughout the country both in larger and smaller towns, sometimes the hygiene can be doubted but the taste of this delicacy is another untold truth. Recently in 2017, Uganda’s then state minister for tourism and wildlife antiquity Hon. Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi launched the Rolex as another tourist consideration while in the country.

The Uganda Rolex origin is doubted as most of the authors attaches this delicacy to have started around Wandegeya a Kampala suburb to billet students of Makerere University. And other associated it to have started from Jinja in Busoga sub-region eastern of Uganda, this comes with a legacy of thinking that the Basoga people make the tastiest Rolex.

The Rolex has got to another level of having a Rolex festival that roars every year except the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. For all occasions of public gathering, a Rolex is presented as the simplest way to solve the hunger problems.

Preparing a Rolex

Apart from the street Rolex which is spread across the country, as well one can decide to your home kitchen can try this out. Set your chapatti ready, make 3 eggs in a bowl, add onions and pepper, set a frying pan on fire put cooking oil, and fry eggs omelet at a low temperature. Then get the fried omelet, fit it on the chapatti, line well-sliced tomatoes on the combined omelet and chapatti, and roll for a bit.

Finding a Rolex

Don’t worry about where to find this narrated tasty Rolex, just know even before entering Uganda when using Uganda airline aircraft, Rolex is on the menu of served eats on the plane. Well, all over Uganda the Rolex is just along the roads in major and small towns and centers.

Rolex as well is prepared in small and large restaurants across, however, those who have tasted on both the restaurant and street Rolex still praise the simple street made to be an incredible snack.


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