UWA Arrested Suspected Chimpanzee Killer

Baguma Suspected Poacher

On January 10, 2022, Uganda Wildlife Authority confirmed the arrest of suspected poachers who are alleged of killed the two chimpanzees in Bugoma forest and Kabwoya Wildlife reserve. The arrested Baguma aged 36 is thought of being the ring leader of the 5 suspected poachers who carried out the killing.

Yafesi Baguma has been on a run following the arrest of the colleagues for about a month. He has been on a wanted list of criminals suspected to be part of the 5 people that killed chimpanzees for about 4 months.

Baguma was arrested on January 10th, 2022 in a combined operation by UWA rangers and Uganda police. Baguma was found in Kakindo village in Kakumiro district which is located 104km away from Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve where he is suspected to have committed the crimes. Baguma had fled his home village about a month in Nyaigugu village, Kumbugu parish, Kabwoya Sub-county in Kikuube district.

On September 27, 2021, Baguma and four others; Nabasa Isiah, 27 years, Tumuhairwa John, 22 years and Baseka Eric, 25 years, and the one more suspect on a hunt are suspected to have killed two Chimpanzees at Nyaigugu village, Kimbugu parish, Kabwoya Subcounty, Kikuube district.

The three including Nabasa Isiah, Tumuhairwe John, and Baseka Erick are still on remand in connection with the same case. Baguma is being transported to Kampala Central Police Station from where he will be arraigned before the Utilities, Standards, and Wildlife Court and charged with the illegal killing of protected species.

UWA is on the hunt for one more other suspected to mount their suspected number, five of them.



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