Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary Expecting Seven Rhinos



Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary the only wild to encounter the endangered rhinos in the natural setting is expecting seven calve rhinos in the shorter period to come.

This is great news and left environmentalists/conservationists and tour operators excited. learning that seven of 33 rhinos in Uganda’s wild are expecting to give birth soon.

This was announced by Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) ranger Patrick Opit at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, he said that they keep watching them 24/7.

“That is why we are aware of the day they conceived and when they are expected to give birth after the gestation period of 16 months,” said Opti.

The Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary was established in 2005 with the aim of reintroducing the rhinos which had gotten extinct in the Wild of Uganda for years. The 70 acres ranch was established as a breeding ground for rhinos in Uganda, and today the reserve has 33 rhinos.

After the number of rhinos has multiplied, some rhinos will be reintroduced/transferred to Murchison Falls Np, Kidepo Valley NP, Ajai Wildlife Reserve, or even Queen Elizabeth National Park to appetize tourist experience in such parks.

Opit said, that “communities in the neighborhood benefit from the existence of this ranch in their midst.”

People near are allowed to graze their cattle at a controlled rate, they also get firewood and herbs collection, Opit added.

This is done as a way of sensitizing communities about how these endangered species are beneficial to them.

The major goal is to have and grow children who absorb the conservation message better and grow up valuing the beasts.

Nelson Baluku another ranger said that restaurants at the ranch buy produces like pineapples, spices, vegetables, and cereals from the farmers nearby.

Lilly Ajarova UTB CEO appreciated the resurgence of rhinos in the sanctuary, she said now one can see all the Big Five in Uganda.

Rhinos in the wild in Uganda are only found at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary which is located in Nakasongola along the Kampala Gulu highway. This route connects to Uganda’s most wildlife-rewarding parks Murchison Falls National Park and Kidepo Valley National park.

And when opting to encounter the Big Five, they must consider an en-route to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary to track the rhinos in addition to other species from the parks.



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