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This is a review of the services of ‘4×4 Car Hire Uganda’ and the road trip itself. We used 4×4 Car Hire Uganda in February 2022 for our 2000km road trip in Uganda that took us to almost the ten national parks with 4×4 rooftop tent jeep camping gears and fridge.  We did the trip with my parents; we rented a Toyota Prado without driver.

We had a fantastic trip, because Uganda and Rwanda are a great country with a lot to offer. But to what extent is ‘4×4 Car Hire Uganda’ responsible for the success of this trip? Do I have to give a good rating, because their car did not break down or should I consider that as a normal condition that everyone would expect…?

I will just list up all the things that I have in mind, good and bad, and at the end I try to make a conclusion.

  • During my planning they were very responsive and answered emails within 24h. That is very positive, because I sent a lot of emails. A very good thing.
  • They brought the car from Kampala all the way to Kigali and were on time (no delay). A very good thing.
  • They were bringing us a car with a safari rooftop tent, which I clearly asked for. We appreciated it a lot to have that safari rooftop tent than sleeping in ground tent.
  • We requested for a rooftop tent and one ground tent and they were all bought as requested which was good. Plus the camping and cooking requirements such as, Water container, Camping stove, Fuel – gas / charcoal depending on your cooking method, Matches or lighter, Cool box & ice packs, Oven glove/heatproof mat, Kettle, Frying Pan, Saucepan, Serving dishes, Plates, Bowls, Cups / glasses, Washing up liquid & sponge, Tea towel equipment’s as well. The following should give you an idea of the essentials in your packing list.
  1. Short & Long Sleeve Shirts – Long sleeved is for protection from the sun and insects in the evenings.
  2. Shorts & Trousers – again, long trousers can protect from the sun & insects.
  3. Safari Hat – wide-brimmed works best, but a cap is a good alternative!
  4. Jacket/Fleece – it can get colder in the evenings and on early morning game drives.
  5. Shoes – Comfortable trainers/shoes and a pair of sandals. You will need some type of hiking or safari boot if you plan on any walking safaris.
  6. Swimwear
  7. Binoculars Camera
  8. Personal first-aid kit and wash kit
  9. A packet of wet wipes is very useful to clean up after driving along a dusty road!
  10. A small day pack
  11. Sunglasses and sunscreen (including SPF lip salve)
  12. Guidebooks, maps, etc
  13. Money belt
  14. Torch (can be useful on a luxury safari but very important on camping/budget safari)
  15. Water bottle
  16. Insect Repellent
  • The 4×4 Car Hire Uganda also organized the gorilla and chimp permits for us. That is a positive thing. We asked for gorilla tracking in the Rushaga sector (Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park), which they confirmed.
  • I was prepared for accommodation in Rushaga and in addition, Rushaga is the best place for us. Because I was going with my parents and at Rushaga they have many groups of gorillas and you can ask for an easy one (my parents are 60-65 years old).
  • As mentioned before, the car had a little bit of damage. During the hand over the guy told us that after driving on tough roads the connection to the battery might get lose, so that the car wouldn’t start.
  • Turned out that this always happened after switching off the engine. It was easily fixed by opening the hood and moving the connection a bit but would get lose immediately again.

In conclusion, I can say that at some moments really good, with 4×4 Car Hire Uganda. I would give 90% out of 100 stars, because they screwed up certain things and because I know that it can be done much better (experience 4×4 Car Hire Uganda). If I would book again with them, I would always make sure that I let them re-confirm every little detail of the arrangement (what/where/how many etc.) over and over again.


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