What to Know About Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary


Steadfast Ngamba Island Chimpanzee was set apart and reserved for the care of the orphaned, injured and uninhibited chimpanzees. The Island is among the few of the tourist destinations to consider around Kampala metropolitan. Located on calm Lake Victoria waters, which is the African largest fresh water lake, and Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary is span on area of 100 acres of steamy forest which energetically stocks the chimps.

The Biography of Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

The sanctuary is managed by Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust (CSWCT), the Trust is responsible for solicit for the funds needed for the operations at the sanctuary. The Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust was formed in 1998 to achieve an intension of saving the injured, orphaned and abandoned chimps.

There are 6 partnerships in the Trust, which organizations are committed to the welfare and the conservation of wildlife. These partners are; Born Free Foundation, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Jane Goodall Institute, Uganda Wildlife Education Center, Environment Conservation Trust of Uganda and Uganda Wildlife Society.

The chimpanzee sanctuary is separated from human reach by an electric wire mesh fence. This in-land island is largely covered with thick forests with spaces of grassland that cover approximately 10% of the island.  The tropical forests and grass land opens have supported a rich biodiversity of natural and wildlife which some are food to chimpanzees.

Location and Access of the Ngamba Island

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary is situated about 23km south-east of Entebbe city near the equator. Reaching this greenly island have to use an engine boat (speed boat) departing from Waterfront Beach in Entebbe which is close to Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Center UWEC (Entebbe Zoo).

The size of the boat to use depends on the number of people sailing, and the budget. Before sailing all sailors onboard are required to wear life jackets and each boat has a fire extinguisher for safety purpose. On booking for a boat to cruise with at the island, can pick from various private boats which are available at the shore, though it’s advisable to book a boat with Ngamba Island Reservation Office.

Sailing to the Ngamba Island on a motorized speed boat it’s only about 50 minutes, and using the local wooden motorized boats it’s about 90 minutes right from Entebbe.  The charges on each board is dictated by the number of people onboard, when the number is high, the costs are lower.

Or else, there is an option of using a chartered flights from Kajjansi airstrip or a helicopters.

Chimpanzee Experience at Ngamba Island Sanctuary

A life at Ngamba chimpanzee island sanctuary is having that opportunity to see, feed and involving in other daily activities. Currently, there are 25 chimpanzees to offer that amazing experience with chimpanzees under limited restrictions.

At the island, the chimpanzee experiences are set to different schedules; these tours are in two shifts, and the first comes at 9am to 12:45pm, and then the other shift comes at midday to about 5pm. Taking the early morning arrive, watching the chimpanzees feeding at the ground may be difficult until they hear the alarm from the caregiver.

And standing at the raised wooden platform set by the Trust, it gives a greater clear view of the chimpanzee and their changing interactions. Among the most interesting things to undertake at the island is feeding the chimpanzees.

Chimpanzee feeding mainly with fruits served in large buckets, create such a greater memory for your stay at the island. Seeing chimpanzees feeding remains that most interesting moments at Ngamba Island. Chimpanzee only face off the forest during the feeding moment, and this is because of their shy nature. Though the chimpanzees at Ngamba are under a gazette, they are still the wild nature, the chimpanzees at Ngamba make their nests for the night, and these nest are usually made close to the feeding ground. And the porridge served at night, forces them not to opt for a night in deep.

Chimpanzee feeding is not for all available for any guest at the island, it’s better for any guest to spend at least a night or two at the island. When watching the chimpanzees, the feeding is done by those experienced guide at the island who avails with what to feed the chimpanzees.

Costs of Seeing Chimpanzees at Ngamba Island Sanctuary

Right from booking the boat to the island, the full boat package is always what is sold to go the island. So, for this chimpanzee tour at the island, their two packages to consider and these are the half a day, and a full day experience.

The cost of a half day plus a boat transfer to and from the island goes for a cost of $115 per person. However, using the wooden motorized boats, the rates are less to $80 per person. The children of 5 years and below are not charged, but teenagers are quoted half the adult rates. To take the caregiver experience, the cost of the tour is $200.

Things to do at Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Sunset cruises

Famous for our awe-inspiring sunsets, we offer exclusive sunset cruises for our overnight guests. Enjoy the unique view of fishermen casting their nets, fishing villages as they wind down the day and of course the golden circular site of nature’s eye going to sleep. The thrill comes from knowing that you are crossing the globe from the southern to the northern hemisphere on the equator as you sip away on cold drinks in a state of natural bliss. Be sure and ask us about this activity when booking your Ngamba Island experience.


Love to be out on the water? We offer either half or full day fishing excursions on Lake Victoria with our UK certified fishing guides. If you love to fish, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to catch a Nile Perch on this iconic lake, one of the largest in the world. Be sure and ask us about this activity when booking your Ngamba Island experience.

Volunteer Programs

We currently offer one week and four weeks volunteer program. By participating in this program, you will join a dedicated team devoted to the ongoing health and welfare of Ngamba Island’s residents, and in turn, help us achieve our mission to educate the public about the importance of chimpanzee our closest living relatives.


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