Ultimate 4×4 Road Trips in Uganda

Ultimate Uganda 4X4 Road trips are very nature rewarding, regardless of what your travel menu should gaze, get around Uganda on your 4×4 road trip for great encounters. Uganda is a country very rich as far as road trip is concerned, driving through paved and unpaved roads to the remotest reaches.

When opted for a road trip in Uganda, be expectant for great adventures. Let it be a self-drive or a fully guided 4×4 road trip it’s just know that this tiny east African state is great adventure rewarding. Not fixed, there a lot of countless road trip ventures among which one can choose to engage.

The trusted 4×4 road trip rentals available to cruise you to any desire destination include; 4×4 RAV4, Prado Land Cruiser TX, V8, GX, Hardtop (stretched), and Land Rover defender. With such stronger suggestion of fleets to consider, below are the super 4×4 road trips to reflect on taking in the year 2022/2023.

Sipi Falls Road trip

These are amazing three phase waterfalls, the Sipi falls are situated in eastern Uganda strategically placed at the foothills of the phenomenal Mt. Elgon.

A road trip to Sipi is not such a hectic deal, rather an awesome encounter when driving through the slopes and highs of paved roads. Fortunately, a drive to all the three phrases of Sipi waterfalls all road are paved. Though reaching exactly to the falls it’s a walk through the coffee and banana plantation.

Big five

It’s not anywhere in Uganda that can find a full collection of the big five, beside that Uganda is blessed with some of the big five list. A road trip to watch the big five suggests the Murchison Falls National Park in combination with Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

Murchison falls National Park a lone accommodates the four on the list among which include lions, leopards, elephants and buffaloes and the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary it’s a bleeding place for the rhinos in Uganda. Secured with your 4×4 road trip vehicle, take this northern route circuit which is much loaded with great encounters.

Ape circuit road trip

One of the amazing routes in the pearl of Africa, watching great primates of the world of mountain gorilla and chimpanzee. This road trip is a bucket of adventure consideration, and one of the most desired by a number of trekkers. It’s a combination of Kibale National Park in west of Uganda and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in southwestern Uganda.

Gorilla trekking is a trend which is now thought to be the highlight of the rest of the adventures on the African continent. Taking this ape circuit road trip of course require a stronger 4×4 safari vehicle driving through all weathered roads that cross through the steeps of southwestern Uganda. Trekking the mountain gorillas or tracking the chimpanzee by default they show how closely these two apes are related to human beings.

Experiential tracking

Only available in Queen Elizabeth National Park where travelers get a chance of tracking lions. These season of 2022/2023 it’s will be good to consider a road trip drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park not with an aim of just watching wildlife but taking park in the experiential tours. These include lion tracking experiential, hippo census and bird counting and mongoose tracking. This adventure involves driving off tracks into the unbeaten routes.

Jinja city

A road trip to one Uganda’s oldest cities in the country, in the earlier eras the Jinja city eastern of Kampala capital was largely known for being an industrial. But later the flow of Nile River has turned this old-fashioned city into a tourism city.

A road trip to Jinja is among the simplified in Uganda which can be easy for both a self-drive and a guided adventures/road trip. Well reaching to some tourist destinations in Jinja still calls for the better 4×4 road trip vehicles.

The Jinja road trip menu presents the Mabira forest which suggest a number of activities including Zip lining, Mangabey tracking, birding etc. Jinja is well known as the East African adventure city with main adventures done here being White Water Rafting, Kayaking, Bungee Jumping, tubing, quad biking, horse riding, and hill climbing and cultural tours.

Fort portal road trip

The tourism capital of Uganda, Fort Portal is situated in western Uganda and as well the capital of Toro Kingdom located in Kabarole district. Fort Portal is strategically located amidst a number of major tourist destinations and parks including the Kibale National Park, Mt. Rwenzori National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Semliki National Park. Beside these there are other traditional and city ventures set for tourists in the city including Amabere caves, Mukama Palace and so many others.

Planning for a super 4×4 road trip 2022/2023 consider Fort Portal a center to track chimpanzees, visit a number of crater lakes, hill hiking among others.