Bar Aviation Broadens Uganda’s Domestic Chartered Flights


Another aerospace player joins the domestic market, Bar Aviation in late January launched their intentions of serving in the aviation system of Uganda.

The Uganda Aviation Authority again opens the door for another aerospace player. The move comes to boost domestic chartered flights in a move as well to promote and enhance native tourism.

Bar Aviation, started their flights on February 2022, after the government cleared the private company to operate to varying tourism destinations, particularly National Parks.

The flight will base from Entebbe International Airport and Kajjansi Airstrip and fly to various countrywide spread airstrips of Pakuba, Kyobe, Arua, Kisoro, Mweya, Bugungu, Pakwach, Kasese, Semuliki, and Kibale in the meanwhile.

The aviation rates are not yet communicated but they are thought to be competitive to the availing aerospace market.

Bar aviation will have daily scheduled flights to national parks, and already earlier in 2021, the aviation had launched 3 weekly domestic flights to Arua airstrip in west Nile northern Uganda from Kajjansi airstrip. The flights are scheduled weekly flights to Arua are set on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Traveling by air transport to Arua ease the accessibility of the region from the common 9 to 10 hours by road, as by airplane it takes only an hour.

The aviation boasts of 17 aircraft of which are to be used to serve the local market the start to cover over 10 destinations. The Bar aviation has smaller max aircraft which can carry up to 12 passengers and helicopters all available for chartered flights.

Bar aviation signed a memorandum of understanding for the aviation company to start handling domestic flights. There are also possibilities of booking for your Internation flight when used the Bar aviation.





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