Best 5 Uganda Tourism Cities

Uganda Tourism cities


Almost everything in Uganda is admirable across, right from the rolling landscape, the people, vegetation variations, wildlife abundance, the weather nature, city setting, and food name it.

The country is currently blessed with more than 10 cities across all the major 5 regions, and these have statured to be centers of economic value. However, some of these cities have silently won accolades of being tourism ambassador cities for each in their respective regions.

Down is a list of the best 5 Uganda tourism cities with what makes them unique, tourism attractions, where to stay, naming these are safe destinations for family outings, advanced junkets, children hubs. Naming these are Kampala City, Entebbe City, Jinja City, and Fort Portal City.

Kampala City

It’s the twitch and omega of all safaris done in Uganda when on a visit to Uganda everything starts within Kampala city continues and ends still in Kampala city. Kampala racket city and the capital of Uganda, East Africa’s happiest and the largest city in the country. It’s the national administration, economic and industrial capital which holds much of the national revenue stake.

Kampala was first established earlier in 1890 by the Late Lord captain Fredrick Lugard as the capital of Imperial British East African Company at the currently known as the Old Kampala. In the first place, Kampala was known as the city established on 7 hills but later expanded to more than 21 hills.

The city gets its name from “Impalas” who used to wander around the areas where Kampala is seated today.

Kampala is a pot of tourist attractions that are splinted from nature, culture, and a true place to experience real-life hustle. Right from Uganda Museum which displays much of Uganda history, Historical monuments, Buganda cultural trial (Kasubi Tombs, Mengo palace, Royal miles road, Kabaka’s Lake), Uganda National Cultural center, religious historical sites (Namirembe and Rubaga cathedral, Bahai Temple Kibuli and Gadhafi mosque), nightclubbing and bars, food tastes, Ndere cultural center and many more. City walks to the ghettos and the chaotic city markets and trading streets Kikubo, Nakasero, and St. Balikuddembe Markets and sports centers with almost all games playgrounds.

Entebbe City

Crowned as one of the cities in Uganda and will start fully operating as a city come July 2022. Entebbe hosts the Entebbe International Airport a connecting point to the international world which hosts the operation of over 20 international airlines. The city still is located in the central region in the Wakiso district and stature as East Africa’s safest city surrounded by Lake Victoria.

Entebbe is a local Luganda word meaning a “seat” was named that because was the place where a Baganda chief sat to settle legal cases. In 1893, it became the British colonial administrative and commercial center which Sir Gerald Portal a colonial Commissioner used as a base. The city is approximately 45km from Kampala capital and can be accessed by either Kampala Entebbe road which is always packed with traffic jams or using the easy way the Entebbe express highway with a toll fee.

From Entebbe Airport or Kajjansi airstrip which is proximate from Entebbe airport one can have a chartered plane and fly to other regions of the country.

Entebbe city boasts over a number of tourist considerations among which include the shores of Lake Victoria with wonderful sand beaches making the city a go zone for beach outing with a list of countless beaches among which include the Botanical gardens is a perfect place for birders and beaches, Golf course, Zika forest, Kalagala island, shopping centers i.e. Victoria malls, etc.

A national zoo of Uganda wildlife education center (UWEC) is a sanctuary of almost all African wildlife species. Ngamba chimpanzee sanctuary where injured and orphaned chimpanzees are kept, it’s a perfect place for an outing with the family to watch the human closest relatives the chimpanzees, feeding them.

Jinja City

Jinja is the East African adrenaline capital of adventures, it’s located in the Eastern region of Uganda on the northern shores of Lake Victoria. Jinja hosts the source of the world’s longest river which has statured the city one of the tourist spots where many travelers have resorted to extreme adventures as well for a quiet time of the adventures.

Jinja city is located east of Kampala about 80km from the capital. The city was named after the Luganda word “ejjinja” meaning a “stone” which the British based on to establish the city, it’s the source almost to all countries and even neighboring countries of Kenya and Rwanda generating over 1000MW from the two dams on River Nile.

This city is an extreme adventure city, it’s among Uganda’s most rewarding tourist cities to consider a reason why has chopped a cleaner number on this list. Much of the adventures here are perfectly undertaken along River Nile among these include, Bungee jumping, White water rafting, Kayaking, Tubing, Lip lining in Mabira, Horse riding, quad biking, boat rides, and cruise, visiting the traditional Busowoko fall, visiting the Kyabazinga palace and Kagulu hill hiking. There is not enough time one should use to exhaust what the stone city stands to offer but need just a quiet moment and explore the old industrial city.

Fort Portal City

This is a tourism city of Uganda, it’s located in a ring of a number of tourist destinations majorly national parks. Fort Portal city is located in western Uganda over 300km from Kampala capital, with a number of splinted tourist reflections that are spread across the region.

Fort Portal city is within Kabarole district and is the capital of the great Toro Kingdom one of the remaining strong traditional empires in the country with Omukama the top leader. Mentioning tourism cities the city of Fort Portal crowns this race.

Fort Portal is the only city in the country with the English name derived from the British colonial commissioner Sir Gerald Portal who established his base in western Uganda to extend the British protectorate zone in the 1890s.  Fort Portal remains the center of many tourism destinations among which include Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kibale National, Mt. Rwenzori National Park, and Semuliki National Park, and many other game reserves and forests.

Among the tourist attractions which can be accessed in Fort Portal include a list of crater lakes that crowns the city with a beautiful recommendable view, the traditional Amabere Ganyinamwiru caves, the Omukama royal palace, River Mpanga, Mpanga local market, the wonderful view of the city being Uganda’s most clean city, Toro Botanical gardens and a view of the Rwenzori ranges.


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