5 Cheapest Ways To Get Car Hire Services in Uganda

Car hire Uganda

Car rental in Uganda has become so vibrant, many travelers have embraced it. The venture has turned out to be the travelers’ best and routine transport means.

Car hire services in Uganda reach out to different people from different parts of the world for self-drive expeditions, guided tours, business trips, city tours, social functions, weekend getaways, airport transfers and many more.

Many people miss out on travelling by car rental services because of the rates without knowing that there is room for negotiations when the effort is made.

Are you planning to hire a car for a self-drive safari in Uganda’s wilderness and you are wondering how to reach the destination safely and sound? Check out below on how to cheaply hire a car in Uganda.

Always keep in touch with the car hire agency

When you work with someone for a long time, you tend to strike a great relationship. Stay committed to one car hire agency if they offered the best service at the start.

A returning client is always provided car rental services at a friendly rate. Your loyalty towards the car hire agency will encourage a service provider to offer you a discount.

Let your wallet determine your price.

Prices of car hire in Uganda differ from one car model to another. A compact car cannot be hired out at the same rate as a sport utility vehicle. You get to choose the best from the many in the fleet depending on your wallet.

Available cars that you can choose from for a successful safari include super custom, safari minivan, safari land cruiser, Rav 4, saloon cars coasters among others. You can choose one at a low price and as well lookout for the number of people it can accommodate.

Look for the best offers from car rental companies.

Every car hire service provider has their own rates so it is advisable to inquire from several agencies and see which one is willing to offer a discount deal.

Check on different car hire websites, make comparisons and contrast which rental operator has the best and cheap combo. This will enable you to save some money on your car rental in Uganda.

Draft a many days safari

A secret behind renting a car for many days during your safari is that car hire service providers offer a mega discount deal to its client.

Chances are 100% for a client to save money in his or her wallet for those with a week and more than a week scheduled safari. The higher the days of the rental the lesser the price on the car you are charged from any car hire agency.

Early Booking

Last-minute booking is bad and causes inconveniences to both you and the service provider. Always book earlier to enjoy the best deals offered by car hire agencies. In Uganda, we always have the peak season and the low season.

It tends to get difficult for a late client to hire a car during the peak season because of the high demand. Book at least two months before your travel date and enjoy a pocket-friendly rate.

The fixed prices on different car hire agency websites shouldn’t scare you but rather make inquiries to get adequate information and request a discount. It is possible to get a discount in Uganda on 4×4 self-drive car hire services.

It tends to get a little challenging for travelers who wish to rent a car for a short period to get discounts but this will only depend on the car hire company’s terms and conditions.


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