Classic 4 Honeymoon Cities in Uganda


Best Cities in Uganda to head for the honeymoon holiday.

Considering all the hurdles of selecting her among the assemblies, and as well her accepting your proposals among the assortments on her table. Your face is filled with joy after she says “I do”. With all the assortments you want to start a new chapter in a different style and lookout for the best way and where can have that silent passionate romance.

Not beholding at the desolate, this article is listing out the best 4 cities in the Pearl of Africa which are perfect for the romantic honeymoon holiday. Looking through various matters including accommodation, ambiance, and fantasizing activities which can still make the perfect match on the honeymoon holiday.

Before, Uganda was a solo city country, but today the country boasts over 10 approved cities that are spread across the country. our list contains Kampala city, Entebbe city, Fort Portal City, and Jinja City, all these mentioned cities have a ground of difference in what they opt to offer for the love birds.

Kampala City

A place of happenings, though being a national capital, but crowded with a number of the undertaking, a feel on the noisy city, business here and there. But Kampala remains a capital and the East African city of happenings, all things are here right from the descent world standard 5-star hotels, a bucket list of things, and places to explore fantastic views, and sightings as well.

Take a romantic drive through all the 7 iconic Kampala hills, sleep in one of the finest hotels, have a taste of all local and international dishes, point out the less crowded places to refresh, and blanket your honeymoon with memories.

Explore the cultural riches Buganda trials (Royal Mile trail) covering Bulange building, Mengo Palace, Royal Mile Road, Kabaka’s Lake, and Kasubi Tombs. Religions iconic places including Rubaga cathedral, Namirembe cathedral, Gaddafi Mosque which as well rewards with the panoramic view of Kampala city, visits the museum to acknowledge the past of the country, make a reach at the Cultural village all these are great reflection for a romantic honeymoon.

Spending your honeymoon in descent hotels is the main point on this holiday, well Kampala city presents the best of the hotels with perfect deluxe rooms, descent and tasty dishes, cool ambiance, less crowed swimming pools, wider ranges of drinks from standard to luxurious whiskeys and a smooth ambiance.

Entebbe City

It’s a city of real nature, just close to Kampala situated in the south of the capital. Entebbe presents one of the best honeymoon packages across the country. Looking out for shopping, sand beaches, coolest ambiance, natural beauty, and animal rewards, it’s all that Entebbe can off for your honeymoon holiday in Uganda.

After falling in love, again you have come to fall in love with this another city. Entebbe gained city status just recently in 2020 when the parliament approved over 15 cities to be promoted to the status of cities.

Entebbe host the only international airport available in the country, besides that, has a great historical background concerning the country. A number of listed suggestions makes Entebbe another honeymoon paradise in the country with great places to explore among which are Ngamba Island, a good renowned sanctuary for raising and taking care of injured and orphanage chimpanzees, Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC) which presents almost all wild species which are found in Uganda, enjoy the restless cool ambiance of the Botanical garden, Enjoy the sand beach activities on the wider stretch of beaches spread along the shores of Lake Victoria.

Shopping in one of the best shopping malls in the country (Victoria Mall) and several others, Entebbe city presents awesome hotels of various ratings but with great service that can suit your honeymoon requests. Taking a romantic honeymoon holiday in Entebbe returns with great considerations which can match rightly.

Jinja city

Commonly known as East Africa’s capital of adventure, it’s the adrenaline capital that only suggests honeymoon encounters that completely ensures a stress-free honeymoon. Jinja city situated eastern of Kampala capital is endowed with a great natural feature that presents the best selection for the honeymoon vacation. The major factor in this amazing old-fashioned city is the availing of the source of the Nile River which formulates great cliffs, and escarpments which are overflowed by voluminous water forming various roars of waterfalls.

The features have availed opportunities for a number of activities that one can engage in among which include white water rafting, cliff bungee jumping, relaxed tubing, lunatic water slides, kayaking, Zip lining at Mabira forests, cultural encounters, hill hiking, and city drives.

There are various sight viewing lodges and hotels that are spread on the shores of Lake Victoria and others are strategically located on small islands. Jinja has always been a spot for a honeymooner and also outlaying your stretch here is not in vain.

Fort Portal city

Located as the tourism city of Uganda, Fort portal city seated in the western region at the edges of the mighty Rwenzori ranges is an amazing tourism destination in the country. the city stature amidst great adventure destinations among which include the world chimpanzee capital Kibale National Park, Africa’s 3rd highest cones Mt. Rwenzori, a wild basket of Uganda the Queen Elizabeth National Park, etc.

The city is ringed with a series of incredible natural sorts amongst which include the jewel of Crater Lake, the cultural retains of Amabere caves, the Batoro traditional attachments (Toro palace), city amusements, among others.

Fort is the tourism capital of Uganda is well packaged with assortments perfect for honeymooners. Sleeping among the great hotels and lodges, the best honeymoon recommendation is the Akira Alira adventure park which is well packaged for your honeymoon presents. Hotel and lodge services to find around Fort Portal meets the global standard of star 4 ratings, expect great encounters among.



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