Mengo Confirms Kabaka’s Health Stability and Still Under Medical Observation


The Katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga, has assured the public that Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s health has significantly improved and the Kabaka remains under close medical supervision.

Mayiga, together with Prince David Kintu Wassajja and the executive committee of the Chiefs Council, issued a joint statement providing an update on the king’s health.

The premier disclosed crucial information about the king’s recent health challenges and ongoing treatment.

The statement confirmed that the Kabaka is currently recuperating from Okonguarri Psychotherapeutic Centre, a mental health facility in Namibia, as advised by doctors.

“In recent years, the king has received medical attention from specialists both locally and internationally,” the statement revealed. “Due to health issues affecting his duties, consultations with specialists in Germany and Namibia were necessary.”

Specialists from Germany, consulted in March, recommended a complete break from official duties for the Kabaka.

“The German specialists he visited in March concluded that for proper recovery, the king should take an extended break and abstain from work altogether,” the statement explained.

In line with this advice, the King traveled to Namibia for further treatment and recuperation.

“It is crucial to emphasise that the king is not bedridden or seriously ill. However, he requires time under medical care to fully regain his strength,” Mayiga said.

In a carefully worded statement aimed at reassuring the public amidst concerns about the King’s prolonged absence, Mayiga urged calm.

The Kingdom also appealed to the public to exercise patience and refrain from spreading misinformation.

“The Prime Minister, the Royal Family, and the Chiefs express their gratitude to all those who have demonstrated our traditional values of patience, civility, and calmness during this period,” the statement stated.

Mayiga indicated that the Kabaka’s return will be announced once he has fully recovered.


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