Queen Elizabeth National Park is Relocking for Domestic Tourist

buffalos at Queen Elizabeth National Park

After the surfacing of the covid-19 pandemic tragedy, then restrictions became the order of the day as many due to global and national lock-down were paraded. This move to combat the covid-19 pandemic completely shuttered down most forms of operations among which tourism was inclusive where tourists were not allowed to visit the animals in their natural habitats during the real pandemic spread.

Short after an array of months, the tourism sector was open, as well other sectors. The reopening of parks, for a times parks, have experienced a great number of travelers for both locals and international tourists.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is Uganda’s most popular park which is located in western Uganda. The park became popular after hosting Queen Elizabeth on her visit to Uganda in 1954 where the park was renamed from Kazinga Channel National Park to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

According to the prevailing data from the parks, the information desk indicates that the last three months have been a busy time as many local tourists have stormed the park. The park this time is receiving over 100 domestic tourists, and this same number is equalizing the number of tourists who used to be received over other years before the pandemic.

Stephen Nyandru, the Assistant Tourism Warden at Queen Elizabeth National Park says the tourist increase is attributed to incentives that are extended to domestic tourists when lifted the lock-down restrictions which included the reduction of park service fares by almost 50%.

The pandemic which also pushed the tourism business to its canvass has to channel efforts into domestic tourism. Said Nyadru while speaking to Uganda Radio Network (URN).

Raymond Kato, an ecologist at Queen Elizabeth National Park says that the absence of vigorous tourism business had allowed wildlife to recolonize their original grazing zones in the park. This means the number of the species has greatly increased, a benefit to those who are touring the park.

Marion Ninsiima, a local tourist who has spent two days at Mweya says she opted to visit the park after receiving intensive social media messages about its attractions. However, she says there is still a need for the tourism sector to advance awareness on why Ugandans need to tour and discover what they don’t know.

The boost of tourism at the park as well benefits neighboring communities to the tourist destinations, particularly the national parks. The people of the surrounding community base their market on tourists to buy their crafts and the many things that are made. And the craft shops and entertainment centers now are experiencing a rise in the number.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is the best spot for watching lions, a hub for antelope species, herds of buffaloes and elephants, and there a number of tourist attractions which among which can include wildlife, Kasenyi salt lake, the destination with the highest concentration of bird species, tree-climbing lion tracking, Kazinga channel and the chimpanzee tracking at Kyambura gorge.

When opting for a family trip, honeymoon holiday, or a get-together holiday, the Queen Elizabeth statue is the best platform for your vacation.

On a Uganda tour Queen Elizabeth National Park can be combined with other parks including gorilla tours at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, chimpanzee tracking at Kibale National Park, and Mountain hiking to Rwenzori National Park.


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