Uganda Equator Line

The Equator line - Kayabwe - Uganda


About the Equator Lines in Uganda/ where to find equator point

Earth at zero latitudes or a point of Uganda at 0o, the Equator is a latitudinal imaginary line where the earth bisects for a dual northern and southern hemisphere. The is a latitudinal line the crosses the earth, it’s the point where the earth is at 0o and the distance around the Earth at the Equator edge is 40,075 kilometers (24,901 miles), making the earth widest at its equator.

The equator is the longest of Earth’s five circles of latitude, the others being the polar circles (Arctic Circle and the Antarctic, and tropical circles tropic of cancer and tropic of cancer. The Equator is as well the only line of latitude which is also a great circle whose plane passes through the center of the globe.

The country where the equator passes are branded with equatorial climate experiencing only two weather dry and wet seasons. On and near the equator, sunlight is experienced on daily basis throughout the years which makes it hotter, the sun is near to the equator.

There are 11 countries that are crossed by the equator line among which include; Indonesia, Gabon, São Tomé and Príncipe, the Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Ecuador, Colombia, and Brazil.

Uganda Equator line

The country experiences largely the equatorial climate and weather, standing in the two earth hemispheres of the southern and Northern poles. Where the equator crosses, is Uganda at 00 and there are three marked points in Uganda among which include; Kasese, Kayabwe, and Kalangala island.

The Kayabwe Equator

Southern of Kampala capital on Kampala Masaka road on the route to southwestern and western Uganda. It’s located in Impigi district 72km from Kampala, this is the most common Equator point where many travelers en-route for photoshoot movements.

The Kayabwe equator line is marked with a remarkable monument and encircled with cultural displays include souvenir shops of textiles, African crafts as well a taste of African food. At a fee, there are geographical experiments witnessing the equator line, and these include; the water experiment which explains how water flows to either side of hemispheres, balancing an egg on the nail at the point.

Kasese Equator Line

This is located within Queen Elizabeth National Park and has stood to be among the list attraction in the park. The line is marked with a monument at Kikorongoro in Kasese district which is the most recognized point on the map of Uganda. In Queen Elizabeth National Park the line is situated in the northern sector of the park at Kasenyi which is the park’s hub for wildlife viewing.

Kalangala Island Equator Line

Another fascinating spot when visiting Ssesse Island (Kalangala district) you wouldn’t like to miss on your beach holiday to the island. Located southern Uganda within Lake Victoria where Uganda shares borders with Tanzania.

Facts of the Equator

The word ‘equator’ was derived from the Latin word ‘equator’ which means ‘circle equalizing day and night’

The equator’s highest point is Volcan Cayambe of Ecuador, at 4,690 meters, South America.

Places near the equator are ideal places for space launching because the equator is located at the point where the Earth bulges around its center, the gravitational pull is weaker, as the distance from the center of the Earth is greater. And among the points around the equator include the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Maldives, Shaba North, and Gan Island.


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