What do you hate about Kampala?


Wawoo, this request is very astounding, posturing such to someone working or living in Kampala, you get to know maybe this is not a national capital city. People answering you, always have to refer to one of the nearby cities of the neighboring countries like Kigali or Nairobi.

Being a writer, many things around tends to entice me and find it important to share my opinion or even feature people’s opinions and blow them out. Today I had a mind to write about how toxics Kampala is and I had to reach out to mister Google and ask him “what do people hate about Kampala?”

Do you know what? I just fell on a Facebook page for one of the local radio “88.2 Sanyu FM”, which mastered the art of being the best classic English-speaking radio in the country. On this page, there is a question “what do you hate about Kampala?” My friend, the responses are so patriotic, the answers particularly concentrate on issues that disturb the common man’s life.

The responses were rightly collected from comments of listeners of 88.2 Sanyu FM which is located at the city center. This question was posed in 2020, and as per writing this article you find that some of the issues are being worked on by the authorities. Response, per comments, am just going to blow more light on some comments to make you deeply understand what some people really mean.

Comments on Sanyu FM Posts of 2020 (What do you hate about Kampala?)

Serge B. Akilimali

Am new here and all it looks like under construction… and it does stink, indeed. After 59 years of independence someone seeing Kampala for the first time, still sees Kampala as a city under construction.

Eddie Bindhe

Women who stop and ogle at items blocking pedestrian pathways even when they are sure they cannot afford. Street vending was one of the most challenging, but as of now there is relief as the city authority fought a good fight to ensure that all Kampala streets are vacated.

Zarian Bunyenyezi

Dust, congestion, small roads, and then Kampalans or Ugandans are dirty very dirty. This comment summarizes almost everything bad about Kampala. The dust problem dominates the largest percentage when driving or walking around Kampala due to highest percentage of untarmacked roads and pothole roads and smaller roads facilitates the high profiled traffic jam. And the hygiene of Kampala describes how Kampala is dirty and very dirty.

Pac Marvins

Kampala is so good, all I can guarantee you is that there has been poor planning for almost everything. I don’t know where the responsible people get experiences from.

Banalekaki David

Congestion, noise, dust, traffic oba what’s good about Kampala? I don’t know!!

Steven Bbosa

Everything in Kampala Uganda is disgusting and you can see the attachment of the hatrage you have received. I know you know what yourself is in Kampala. Embwa za taxi, Boda guys (Bodaboda riders), batembeyi Street Hawkers) are all over in each and every street, malayaz (prostitutes). If you can remove those three, Kampala can be a better place.

Akampurira Sympathy

Thugs and traffic officers. I wonder how the thugs and traffic offices can be put together, but maybe Akampurira had some other experience, who knows? Thugs in form of vehicle burglary, pickpocketing, Kampala is a real center of thieves.

Nana Said

The crowded town 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ , the bodaboda, the taxis, Just Go to the neighboring country KENYA Nairobi and it will seem like you are in London compared to Kampala.

Omugeye Aizek Watts

Traffic jam.


maybe anything else left, I wouldn’t add my opinion here, however, though there are many things one would hate about Kampala, again there is another side of Kampala.


What do you hate about Kampala? Is living & working in Kampala a punishment? The dusty roads, the crowded places, traffic, name-it.


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