Talk Uganda is an online travel resource information and community where you can advise and add updates about Uganda’s developmental issues like Environment, Energy, Education, Economics, Travel and Transport, Culture & Norms, Safety, Employment, Real state and Housing, Political issues and more.

The forum is open to all positive opinions from whoever is willing to subscribe to this guide post. We welcome all posts that can help all generations to take decisions of the future. The team behind this magazine are aiming at providing more of the environment and economic issues in all Uganda’s regions.

Uganda having four regions from Central, East, North and West we are much looking forward to work with all people from these regions that are ready to update us about the helpful information from each region.

Still here we shall share you more knowledge about the culture and norms of each region in Uganda. We shall show you places that are seriously preserving the culture of different region.

Say you want to learn how to cook, eat and drink the typical food and juice of each region we know where to find this in Uganda.

Uganda is mainly based on agriculture (farming, agro – husbandry and fishing) as the major back born of the economy, so we are interested to know how this sector is differently progressing in various parts of Uganda.

Therefore, by sharing this information we shall help other regions to cop up such that they can too focus of the developments through this major sector which is the back born of the country.

Apart from agriculture the country is much generating too much foreign exchange from the tourism industry. This is always done in the gazetted national parks, reserves and sanctuaries and these tend to employ a wide number of locals and foreign personnel as guide, waiters and waitresses, chefs, operators and much more.

Therefore, here at Talk Uganda with some of our team members being from the tourism profession we want to share more of the tourism skills such that every Ugandan can be empowered with knowledge such that more community based initiatives are developed both at public and private natural resources like forest, wetlands and craft shops selling tourist souvenirs to improve their income.

From this guide you find trusted safari operators in Uganda that have much knowledge in arranging the suitable Uganda culture trips say in one region or combined depending on the time you staying in Uganda.

Also while on these local trips you will have direct feel of the experience where by in some places you will deeply associate with the local communities involving in so many activities like digging, preparing and cooking food, milking and much more daily day work in the community.

Then with accommodation you will some times stay in camping tents and where communities ready will put you in well set nature blend cottages and relatively affordable during your stay in the villages and with water, electricity and security is a must not an option.

Don’t Miss! – Uganda Loves Local Style

Craft shops in KampalaOver time and new technologies Ugandans have cop up with new incredible innovations and kindness skills and it this that has made them to put the country on international level by showcasing their talents and arts on the medias that attracts travelers to come and experience the country’s art and crafts in various craft shops in Kampala and out side the city.

Therefore, it is our chance to thank them and we encourage them to bring new innovations and we shall publish them on our magazine. Read More

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