About Uganda

Also called the Republic of Uganda, globally branded as the “Pearl of Africa”. Uganda is geographically located in the interior of East Africa (a landlocked country) across the Equator, seated on areas of 241,0377sqkm.

About 40,000sqkm is covered by water bodies, Uganda is naturally a gifted country decorated with various beautiful theatrical landscapes.

BBC report on the world’s friendly people report indicates that Ugandans are the friendliest people across the world. Uganda boasts to have over jubilee of ethnicity with varying traditional practices categorized in 3 major of Bantu, Nilotic, Nile Hamites. With respect to the recent 2014 housing census, the country had a population of 42million people.

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda, with various 15 other cities approved by the legislation in 2020. The country hosts a number of great features including Africa’s largest freshwater Lake Victoria, the World Longest River Nile, Africa’s 3rd highest mountain, houses half of the population of the mountain gorillas in the wild.

Uganda uses English as the official language, as well the integration of the East African Community Kiswahili was approved as a 2nd official as well as a business language though it wasn’t embraced in Uganda.

Being a basket of ethnicity many local languages are widely used with Luganda being the dominant, Lusoga, Lunyankole, Lugisu, etc are as well used.

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