Uganda Cultural Tours

Uganda is one of the world’s most culturally diverse countries with over 50 various ethnic tribes which practice alternating customs and norms.

Cultural safaris in Uganda are one more interesting adventure undertaking that presents various practices to the world, testing unique foods, dances, and tales.

Across the country just expect to find alternating cultures throughout the corner of the country. Some of the cultures you would not want to miss on your trip include;

The Batwa culture in southwestern Uganda, co-lived with the gorillas in the forests before they were forcefully evicted by the government in 1991 to conserve the gorillas. These people currently live in areas around the parks of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Visiting the Batwa one gets to know much of their stories through tales, dance performances, see how they rare bees among many things.

The Karamojong people and the Ik people are located in the northern, these are nomadic pastoralists who claim all the long-horned cattle to belong to them. These people can be accessed on an adventure to Kidepo valley national park, holding unique cultural with interesting building structures of the Manyata houses, interesting jumping dances, and tales.

The Baganda culture, these are the largest group in Uganda constituting over 17% of the population, they are majority located in the central region of the country. Though when Kampala they’re a variety of tribes of people but these people hold the rich traditional institution which has been a model for the rest of the traditions in the country. Among the notable Buganda cultural encounters include the Buganda Lukiko (parliament) the Bulange building, Kabaka Palace at Mengo, the monument decorated Royal mile road, Kasubi tombs, Buddo Nagalabi coronation site among many other things to consider.

As well visiting a number of staged sites like museums rewards with an overview of the cultural narrations including

Basoga culture – located in eastern Uganda, can visit the Busoga kingdom palace, Busowoko falls and Kagulu hills are rich cultural sites for Busoga cultures.

Samia culture – these are unique people holding a very interesting cultural practice of boy circumcision which was carried out in the odd years. The Bamasaba kadodi dance is Uganda’s most interesting cultural dance.

Toro Kingdom – these are located in Fort Portal a tourism city of Uganda. Can visit various traditional sites including the amabere ganyinamwiru, the omukama palace among others.