Gulu City

Gulu City is among the recently approved cities which started operating on July 1st, 2020. Gulu city has been a model northern urban center located in northern Uganda between longitude 30-32 degrees east; latitude 02-4 degrees north.

The city is neighbored by Amuru and Nwoya districts borders in the west and southwest respectively, Lamwo district in the northeast, Pader district in the east, Lira district in the southeast, and Oyam district in the south.

The city is located in the northern region 332km by road from Kampala on the great northern route about a 6hour drive by road from Kampala.

And as well the city can be accessed with a plane to Gulu Airstrip. And for travelers, it’s accessed along the Murchison Falls National Park to Kidepo Valley National Park

Largely Gulu city is relatively characterized with flat terrain covered by thick savannah grassland vegetation and 2.5 percent of the city area comprises central and local forest reserves.

The terrain is categorized by forested valleys found along rivers flowing from the district interior highlands toward the Victoria Nile, the Albert Nile, and the Achwa rivers.

History of Gulu

Historically Gulu wasn’t an interesting city, was at first intentionally neglected by both during the British colonial rule and after the independence of the country.

And in recent years, the Gulu as well the northern region suffered severe political unrest caused by Lord Resistance Army rebels under the lead of Konyi. However, in just recent years, Gulu is getting nearly an equal importance what Uganda’s southern cities getting.

Attraction in Gulu City

  • Bakers Fort Partiko, is located in Patiko, about 30km from Gulu. The Fort was founded by Sir Samuel Baker in 1972 when he was the Governor of the Equatorial Province. It was built as a base to crush the slave trade and was later occupied by Gordon and Emin Pasha. These are said to be rock paintings at Samuel Baker’s camp.
  • Gulu Central Market: Gulu Central Market is one of the major is thrilling places in the country that proposes such a genuine experience of Uganda’s traditional shopping. Mainly handicraft products and clothes are worth a price here.
  • Pece War Memorial Stadium:
  • The Pece War Memorial Stadium is a landmark stadium with a seating capacity of around 3,000 spectators. Constructed in 1959 during the British colonial rule, the stadium is the home ground of the local soccer club Gulu United FC and used for the Ugandan Cup. It is the largest sports venue in Northern Uganda.

Major Gulu city dining points

  • Sankofa Cafe Gulu
  • Cafe Larem
  • Butterflies Bar & Restaurant
  • Hotel Free Zone Restaurant


When looking for where to stay in Gulu City, below is a number of selections of decent accommodations to choose from.

  • Hotel Free Zone
  • Palema Crown Hotel
  • Acholi Inn Hotel
  • Churchill Courts Hotel
  • Acholi Ber Country Hotel
  • Hotel Nok Continental
  • The Pagoda
  • Hotel Roma
  • Bomah Hotel
  • Golden Peace Hotel
  • Cosmo Guest House
  • Hotel Pearl Afrique
  • Hotel Kakanyero