Best Tourist Activities in Jinja City 2022


Jinja is a town in eastern Uganda, on the shores of Lake Victoria. The source of the Nile, at Coronation Park, is marked by a garden and a monument honoring British explorer John Hanning Speke. Owen Falls Dam and Bujagali Dam both span the Nile.

Farther north on the River, Itanda Falls is known for its white-water rapids. East of Jinja, on Lake Victoria, Samuka Island is home to birdlife, including little egrets and great place for honeymoon holidays.

The River Nile is the key attraction in Jinja with almost all tourism activities centered on it. The town attracts tourists throughout the year who wish to relax after a long Uganda safari in the different parts of Uganda while enjoying the beautiful tranquility of the river Nile.

The Nile supports a number of adrenaline raising activities like bungee jumping, canoeing, white water rafting, Kayaking, horseback riding and quad biking among others. No wonder Jinja has come to be referred to as the “adrenaline Centre” of East Africa.

Visitors can also tour the old colonial style buildings, old Hindu temples. Jinja is one of the best places for cultural tourism in Uganda.  Before we discuss the attractions in detail, you might want to read about hiring a car in Jinja.

White Water Rafting: This is arguably one of the top things to do in Uganda and Jinja town particular. The Grade 5 Whitewater rafting experience in Jinja is the best in Africa. It is a scary activity but also very exciting and thrilling like nothing else. Whitewater rafting is organized as a half or full day activity.

The activity not only involves navigating through the rapids but also making stops at some of the islands. The islands have an amazing collection of green vegetation, birds and primates like Vervet monkeys.

Prepare to be thrown out the raft at least once as you head downstream but with nothing to worry about, you will be rowing with some of the most experienced crews in the world.

Jet Boating: This experience is similar to white water rafting but with a difference. Instead of using the balloon rafts, you conquer the rapids using a high speed boat moving at speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour.

This activity costs $75 for adults and will also give you the same adrenaline rush typical of all the other water activities on the Nile.

Golfing: The Big Game Mini-Golf course in Jinja is intriguing. It was constructed with large statues of the big five (leopard, buffaloes, lion, buffalo, elephant and rhino) and other creatures. A typical golfing day involves putting past the rhino, rounding the python, teeing past the hippo, hacking from inside the buffalo or bogeying beside the lion.

It is unique golfing experience and comes with a lot of fun, drinks and mingling with the local high class and tourists from all over the world.

Bungee jumping: This is one of the craziest activities you will ever do in your life. It involves jumping from a tower (44 meters high) and down towards the Nile waters with a rope tied to the ankles. Bungee jumping is common around the world but we are talking about doing it over the longest river on earth. As one leaps from the raised platform, they get a birds view of the terrain below.

Quad Biking: Go for a Quad biking adventure through the forests, villages, farms and the banks of the river Nile. You do not need to have any experience in order to take part in Quad biking.


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