Mbale City

The eastern center of development, Mbale City is located in the mediate eastern region of Uganda about 225km from Kampala capital by road.

The City is considered one of Uganda’s ancient cities seated at the foothills of Mt. Elgon elevated at 1,156m which has facilitated greatly the popularity and development of the eastern region.

The growth of Mbale as an urban center dates back to the colonial period and was part of the large Bukedi block led by Semei Kakungu the British collaborator. It later splinted to Bugisu district by early 1980s also changed to Mbale District.

Mbale City was approved by the parliament of Uganda and started operating on 1st July 2020. The city serves as the main municipal, administrative and financial center of the Mbale district.

Tourism attractions in Mbale City

Mbale city is quite an interesting place to visit. There variety of tourist attractions that one can engage in on a trip to Mbale city. As well the city is a pivot for other various attractions across the eastern region including;

  • Elgon National Park- this is Uganda’s 2nd highest mountain and extends to Kenya. Elgon is Africa’s largest mountain caldera with the highest peak being the Wagagai peak (3,321m). The mountain offers various trekking trails and cultural encounters.
  • Imbalu’ male circumcision ceremony – Imbalu is the ritual practice by the Bagisu people which transforms boys into manhood.
  • Bullfights, visiting the Nyro Rock Painting, Sipi Falls, and many others suggest the best memories for a trip in Mbale City.

Where to stay in Mbale City

  • Mbale Resort Hotel
  • Lucia Villas Mbale
  • Casa Del Turista
  • Breaks Eco Lodge
  • Dream Palace Hotel
  • Mbale Traveler’s Inn
  • Marple Cottages
  • Crown Suites Hotel