Arua City

Arua City is among the newest cities established by the Parliament of Uganda on 28th April 2020 as a Regional City for the West Nile sub-region and became operational on 1st July 2020.

The city lies in the North-Western corner of Uganda between latitude 030 10’N and 300 50’N and longitude 300 30’E and 310 30’E.

The city was established in 1914, is the ancient Capital of the Pan-Africanist Lado Empire (Arua Town), Arua is the biggest urban and business center of the West Nile region.

That same year, the Southern portion of the ‘splendid and alluring’ Lado Enclave was assigned from Belgium to Uganda under the British Protectorate.

It is bordered by the Democratic Republic of Congo on the west, Maracha District in the North, Terego District in the East, Arua District, and Madi Okollo District on the South and southeast respectively.

The Arua derived its name from the nearby Arua Hill, the word “Arua” literally means ‘in prison’ in the Lugbara language, indicating a jail on the hill. Arua also served as the capital of the former West Nile Province.

Tourist attractions in Arua City

  • Mount Wati – located in Aiivu Sub County, it is arguably the tallest mountain in West Nile though it lies in a lower area above Sea Level. It is also the origin of the Lugbara (according to Mythology) once inhabited by big serpents with mysterious snake lights for trapping prey at night. The hill offers such a great hiking experience.
  • Ediofe Cathedral – This is the Catholic Missionary center in Arua city (Ediofe Trading Center) established in 1917. This religious building has been renovated and serves as the center for Arua Catholic Diocese moved from Gulu in 1959. This suggests the best photographing site in Arua City.
  • Ajai Wildlife Reserve – this is an eco-biodiversity forest eastern of Arua city. The reserve is under the management of UWA and is comprised of various wildlife species include a variety of monkeys, kobs, antelopes, several bird species. It’s the best spot of wildlife in the West Nile region.
  • Golfing
  • Rhino Camp Old Industrial – was used for tracking Rhinos along the banks of River Nile close to the old steamer docking.

Transport in Arua City

  • There quit various transportation means used in Arua city, among the include;
  • Bicycles which ride around the flat landscape
  • Bodaboda are used widely
  • Public Taxis but there are not so common here like they are used in Kampala
  • Buses are available for various long journeys
  • As well special hires are available
  • The train lines were also extended to Arua, however, it doesn’t
  • As well one can aero plan from the Arua airstrip

Where to stay in Arua

  • Golden Court Hotel
  • White Castle Hotel Arua
  • Hilltop 2 Hotel Arua
  • Tropical Suites
  • Triplex Apartments
  • New Oasis Hotel
  • Heritage Courts
  • Slumberland
  • Blue Dove Hotel Arua