Adrenaline Adventures

Uganda is East Africa’s capital of adrenaline adventures that always accompany the rest of the adventures in the East Africa region. Taking on the adrenaline adventures widely opens a caliber of thrilling travelers undertaking that leaves no stone of funs unturned.

A list of natural features formed along the Nile River has made an extra mile of offering a wider opening for adrenaline activities in Uganda.

As the term suggests, Adrenaline adventures are more fun to enable the body to increase the rate of blood circulation, breathing and carbohydrate metabolism. The adventures don’t apply to the less-hearted travelers, but to the adventurous whose bodies are ready. Adrenaline adventure activities take you out of the lousy and laziness way of experiencing nature as it brings you to abide by the gravitational state.

The adventure continues through the deep and rapid waters as well jumping downwards up to 44m until kiss the waters. This adventure is always enjoyed by travelers after having ample time off gorilla trekking, chimpanzees tracking, watching the Big FIVE and wildlife adventures, and hiking activities which are done throughout the parks which are spread all over the country.

Where to do adrenaline adventures in Uganda

Uganda has always stood to suggest the best adrenaline adventure activities in East and Central African. These adventure activities are done at Nile River a well-renowned world longest river just in the proximity to the source still in Jinja City.

Jinja city is well renowned as East Africa’s capital of adrenaline adventures which are done along the Nile River. This old industrial center is turning to be the leisure and adventure capital after suggesting a great number of tourist activities.

What are the adrenaline adventures activities done in Uganda?

White Water Rafting

The chief among the adrenaline activities is done along the Nile. Rafting is about seating in a tube with a group of other rafters and sailing to the most rapid point rolling through the sharp rocks driven by the white water rapids. The white water adventure in Uganda is only done in Jinja city.

Rafting here is a world standardized adventure where rafters can do up to grades 4 and 5 for advanced rafters which are referred to as the most adrenaline experience. At Jinja, even the first-timer rafters have a chance to do the rafting, as the onsite training is done to make sure ready for the 1 to 3 grades which are simple sailing. At Itanda falls are the grades 4 and 5 of stronger rapids which are more challenging as well more adventurous rapids.


This is another way to enjoy the adrenaline adventures of the Nile which proceeds from the flat sailing waters. Kayaking is almost done the way of white water rafting but this time do it alone in a solo paddle traversing over to the direction of the rapids. It’s more fun for advanced kayakers who opt for the grade 4 and 5 rapid kayaking. Though it’s a private venture, there’s always a rescue team following to secure all starts well and ends in the same accord.


The flat water tubing is an activity of sitting on an air-filled pressured tube and enjoying the floating on River Nile. This activity is in stages of three that is flat water tubing, White water tubing, and extreme tubing.

Flatwater tubing or lazy river tubing on the River Nile in Jinja is what you need! This as well applies to children under the age of three, as well even the less hearted travelers on a hot day, there’s nothing better than refreshing on a flatwater float with your family and a picnic with a drink in hand.

The white water tubing which continues to grade 4 and 5 is for the advanced and the extreme which continues to grade 8 is for experienced. The tubing adventure is suitable for travelers searching around for a relaxed experience or group chilled experience accompanied by younger children while enjoying the bird-life, sunbathing and beautiful sceneries.

Water sliding

Jinja’s only water slide, the 40m long slides is found by the Nile Explorers. It’s one of its kind in Jinja. It offers a thrilling experience as you plunge down into the Nile at high speed. Never try to miss out on this chance of not even measuring the speed at which you into the Nile, sliding down one of the giant water slides in the country’s adrenaline adventure capital, Jinja City. Recently an installation of a 20m water slide to accompany the rafting in a thrilling manner into the Nile River.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is an extreme Adrenaline, it’s has stopped in Uganda for nearly 2 years but now it’s back on the list of adventures. Among the most thrilling adventure encounters, one shouldn’t miss to take on a vacation to Uganda should be jumping on the bungee and head kissing the world’s longest River Nile.

When planning for this adventure, the heart should be strong enough to sustain you jumping over the 44m cliff kissing the world’s longest river. It’s only in Jinja where travelers across the country have a chance to do Bungee jumping.

Zip Lining

Sliding over the waters is an amazing encounter, before reaching Jinja in the tropical Mabira rainforest where the Zip lining is done. This is another amazing brain adventure, competing with birds and monkeys in the air to reach the other corner is Ziplining.