Kampala City

Kampala City stands to be the capital city of Uganda, it is strategically located in the central region at the shores of the great Lake Victoria and is the national commercial and administrative center.

This phenomenon city was renamed Kampala from the “Impalas” called the “Hill of Impalas” which used to stay on some of the hills before vegetation was lost for the case of the city development.

The city historically settles majorly on seven hills which are Makerere hill, Nakasero hill, Old Kampala hill, Namirembe hill, Mengo hill, Rubaga hill, and Kololo hill.

However, Kampala city farther spread to 21 hills all over, raising at an altitude of 1,180m, enjoying enchanting weather throughout the year a minimum of 170 C and maximum temperatures of 27o C.

Kampala has remained the administrative city ever since the time era of Captain Fredrick Lugard who was the head of the Imperial British East Africa Company, going through evolutional till to date, Kampala has scored highest odd. The capital accommodates a population of over a million.

The history of the existence of Kampala rolled after the arrival of the Indian traders, followed by the colonial masters who engaged entirely in the governance system of the country.

Kampala is known for accommodating a number of people but originally this is the base of the Baganda people of Buganda Kingdom.

Kampala city bucket of all nutritional fruits with recreation centers, business, recreational centers, banking services, telecommunication center, media center, entertainment, insurance, transportation center, market center, stationary center, medical center mentioned but a few.

Transport in Kampala City

There is quite a variety of transport means to use in Kampala city among which include;

  • Boda Boda; these are so common and using a Boda Boda one rides to the door entry of your Lodge, apartment, or house. Boda Boda is likely used to avoid unpredictable and ever-guaranteed traffic jams, especially during rush hours.
  • Taxis- these vary where there are taxis for special here this only take to you designated destination and public taxis which work on various roads across the city. Public Taxis in Kampala are so chaotic and disturbing very delaying though are the cheapest means around the city. Taxis for special hire can as well be accessed digital/online Taxi as well Bodaboda which include Safe Boda/Taxi, Spe Taxi Cab, Uber Taxis, etc. And taxis for special here are the common means to use at the airport.
  • Buses; Using buses always apply when taking long journeys upcountry, there various bus terminals within Kampala city center that lead to different routes across the country.
  • Train; The train services are always on and off, and it’s not used throughout the city, the passenger train only starts from Nalikolongo to Namanve a suburb around the city.
  • Self-drive; there are various car rental companies across Kampala city that are renting away vehicles of various models for self-drive. As the trend, many travelers opting to drive within and beyond the city can have access to car rental and drive their own way.
  • Airline; Uganda just recently revived its national carrier Uganda Airlines which with a rich reach. Passengers today have a chance of boarding a straight flight from Uganda to Dubai or the UK and other designated destinations within and outside Africa. As well for travelers opting to use chartered planes and fly across the country, smaller chartered planes are available at Kajjansi airstrip and Entebbe airport.

Tourist attraction in Kampala City

Kampala is an opening for adventures in the Pearl of Africa, variety of cultural, natural, recreations, entertainments, dining is making Kampala a tourism center.

One can take on a cultural trail of the Buganda kingdom, Uganda Museum, the religious trail leading to Gaddafi Mosque for the overview of Kampala city, Namirembe cathedral, Rubaga cathedral, Namugongo martyrs shrine and museum, Kasubi Tombs, Nagalabi Buddo coronation, cultural craft village on Buganda road, clubbing, among many considerations.

Banking services in Kampala city

Being the heart of all business in the country, Kampala city is the headquarters for all branded banking facilities in the country including Stanbic Bank, Equity Bank, DFCU Bank, Pride Bank, Exim Bank, Absa Bank, Brac Bank, Opportunity Bank, Finca Bank among many, with the various number of FOREX Bureau, insurances companies, etc.


There’s a varying number of accommodation facilities which are widely spread from the heart of the capital to the outskirts. These as well vary in star rating right from the ungraded to the luxurious 5-star rating.

  • Serena Hotel 5*
  • Sheraton Hotel 5*
  • Hotel Africa 4*
  • Golf Course Hotel 4*
  • Hotel Protea 4*
  • Fang Fang Hotel 3*
  • Equatorial Hotel 3*
  • Dolphin Suit 2*
  • Fairway Hotel2*
  • Forest Cottage 2*
  • Grand Imperial Hotel 3*

Dining and fast food center

KFC, Java house, 2k, 2Freinds, Café Ballet, Café Viva, Hippo Grill, Ethiopian village, Chicken express, Pizza Inn, Le Petit Bistro, Ekitoobero Restaurant etc.