Mandatory PCR Test For Inbound Travelers at Entebbe Airport

Entebbe International Airport Terminal Building
Entebbe International Airport- Terminal Building

The mandatory PCR test for inbound passengers using Entebbe International Airport, Be ready to go through the testing process no matter your coronavirus testing or vaccination status.

On October 2021, Uganda started mandatory Covid-19 testing for all incoming travelers at Entebbe International Airport.

The government of Uganda through the ministry of health took on the responsibility from the previous private companies after a list of complaints about the poor services.

The PCR test applies for all passengers vaccinated and unvaccinated with a negative testing certificate is done within 72hours.

According to Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) confirmed that 5 PCR testing machines with a capacity to test about 300 samples per hour have been installed at Entebbe International Airport.

The mandatory PCR test is aimed at detecting a further importation of the deadly Coronavirus into the country. This time the concerned has concentrated much on arriving travelers to ensure that there is no space left for any new variant into the country.

All arriving passengers are subjected to the Covi-19 test regardless of both the category of origin and Covid-19. Only children below the age of 6 are exempted from vaccines and the airline crew with evidence of full Covid-19 vaccination.

Passengers have to pay US$30 for the PCR test or equivalent to Uganda shillings and payments will be made online, or using on arrival points of sales machines, mobile money, or can as well pay cash. You should also pay and complete the online payment for the PCR test

All incoming passengers are reminded to fill in the health form prior to boarding planes to Uganda. (Some countries have a passenger locator form; this is Uganda’s equivalent).

There was a lot of delay in waiting for the testing results, and changes were made where travelers after testing are left to take their journey as results can be sent on email or Whatsapp.

Passengers who test positive for Covid-19 on arrival will be provided with psychological support and transferred to the gazetted public and private treatment facilities where they will be monitored for seven days (7) and will be discharged on a negative PCR test.

Treatments of passengers tested positive will be in public hospitals and if any options for a private hospital will have to meet the costs.

After testing if found with asymptomatic or with mild diseases, they will be managed in designated tourists hotels, and if they progress to severe diseases they will be transferred to hospitals of their choice.

Entebbe Airport health team shall approve the arrival and departure of a negative Covid-19 PCR test certificate undertaken within 72hours from the time of sample collection which time includes the transit and terminal building.

Travelers with a Covid-19 vaccination certificate must still present a negative PCR test card taken in the space of 72hours from the time of sample collection to board the flight.

This is said that all vaccines are not protective 100% and it takes a number of days/weeks for the protection to start.

To avoid inconveniences, prior preparations are very important, make online applications as well as make payments before arriving to avoid seating in lines for long.

The arrivals process continues in likes sanitize hands, make documents checked (passport, negative PCR test certificate, and Yellow Fever certificate), PCR test; immigration (organize visa online), collect bags, pass bags through the scanner, exit airport to find who to pick you up.


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