Masaka City

Situated along the western shores of Lake Victoria, Masaka is one of the hidden treasures of Buganda Kingdom.

It is part of Buganda’s Buddu County (Esaza lye Buddu). Moreover, Masaka City is about 132km from Kampala on road.

The City was founded as a township in 1953, turned to the town council in 1958 and a municipality in 1968, as well became a city in 2020 and started officially operating as a city on 1st July 2020 after the parliament’s approval.

Masaka had not attained its city-ship until the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Mutebi questioned why wasn’t considered. A reason why people from the central region jokingly call Masaka City “Ekibuga Kya’Kabaka” meaning King’s city.

Historically, Masaka is strategically located at the border to Tanzania and in 1978-79 was used as a battleground and base to trip off the illegitimate government of Idi Amin Dada by the allied forces of Tanzania People’s Defence Forces and allied Uganda rebels.

Tourist Attractions in Masaka City

  • Nkoni Palace – Masaka is a rich cultural city for both Uganda and Buganda in particular, the city hosts one of the popular Palace where the king always city when visits the city.
  • Nabugabo Sand Beach – this hosts a number of activities including canoeing, sunbathing, beach rally, fishing, camping, with wondrous adventure accommodations.
  • Agrotourism to one of the ranches in Masaka, market gardening farms
  • Cultural performances by various cultural troops in particular Ganda cultural troops.
  • Bukakata landing sites, one of the busiest land sites on the shores of Lake Victoria, buy flies and raw fish.
  • Community tourism takes on various walking trails which proceeds from the city center
  • Cycling through the hilly terrain

Transport means used in Masaka City

  • Buses and coasters are used for longer journeys to Kampala or taking the Mbarara road.
  • Public Taxis – very chaotic especially for those operating within the city
  • Boda Boda can ride close to your gate, door, or any of your mentions
  • Special hire – can hire any kind of vehicle you want for either self-drive
  • Ferry and engine boat – are used to sail to neighboring islands, and to reaching to the famous Ssesse Island (Kalangala Island).

Where to stay in Masaka City

Masaka city is one of the famous cities in Uganda, very packed with a number of decent accommodation facilities which are spread across the city.

Not like other areas in the southern of Buganda, but having a moment here caters for luxury, Mid-range, and budget travelers, and these include;

  • Trendy Junior Suites
  • Elsie Hotel
  • Garden Courts Hotel
  • Maple Leaf Hotel
  • Golf Lane Hotel
  • Zebra Hotel
  • Vienna Golden Hotel