Road Transport

According to Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), has completed on upgrading and working on a road network covering 5,591km. For a long time road transport in Uganda is challenged with poor road surfaces characterized by holey, muddy roads, and by the witness of long way paved kilometers of roads across the country.

In Uganda spotting on road transport there quit a number of consideration to use across the country including; Bicycles, Boda Boda, Taxis, Buses, Special Hire and Self Drive to traverse throughout the country.

Means of Road Transport Available in Uganda

Bicycles – these are rarely used for transporting passengers, though seen in some urbanized center transporting on a relatively flat paved roads across the country. It can be witnessed within the suburbs of Kampala .i.e. Queen’s way on Entebbe road, Ndebba. Bicycles are commonly used in upcountry towns and cities of Kabale, Arua, Soroti, Gulu, Mbale among many other town.

Boda Boda

These are motorbikes which in the recent 2 decades has proved to be the most common means of transport all over the country. Boda boda can reach places where vehicles cannot go because of bad roads. They are commonly known for reckless riding and not observing safety rules of wearing helmets and carrying one passenger.


The most used transport mean in the country. Taxis in Uganda are marked with crossing and can be accessed almost in all urban centers all over the country. There 2 kinds of taxis available in Uganda including

  • Private taxis, which can be accessed around cities (special hires) and can also be located at the airport. Some of the taxis special hire taxis are available for online call (safe taxi, Uber taxi, Dial taxi etc), these kind of taxis only apply for town or city services and they tend to be expensive as they only drive at our order.
  • Public taxis, these are most common means used all over the country. These are minibuses of 14- seater, they don’t have schedule, they are operated by two people the driver and the conductor and transport fares of taxis in most cases are negotiable between the passenger and the conduct. The public taxis are accessed at any point of the road, only operate on highway roads. Taxis have spotted stages and centers, and have branded themselves as one of the most chaotic means used in Uganda. They are quite known for overloading and not observing traffic rules.

Car Hire service

These are private companies which have availed a great number of vehicle for hire for either a guided drive or a self-drive. With car hire services one can have a vehicle for days, weeks or months depending on the design of their trips. This has mainly benefited many tourists who opt to have a vehicle and drive their way. Among the most common hired vehicles are Safari 4×4 vehicle which can cruise to off the beaten paths and among these include RAV4, TX, V8, VX, GX, among others.

Public buses:

Buses are mainly operating for longer journey for both domestic and to all neighboring countries. To all regions in the country they have buses stop centers, the buses are preferably quicker than any other road transport mean. All buses have their main point in Kampala city center where they base for boarding among which points include Kisenyi Bus terminal, Nabugabo bus terminal, old Kampala, and many can be located across in Kampala.

Lorries and Pick-up trucks:

These are available for cargo transportation, Lorries or trucks transport large cargo for companies within and beyond the country. The type of the lorry depends on the weight and the form of the load which can be solid or liquid. The pick-up trucks as well transport simple cargos of like charcoal, sand, stones, firewood, bananas, fruits and vegetables and doing store deliveries.

Private vehicles

These are vehicles owned by people and can drive themselves to any point of their desire. However, it’s that any vehicle can reach anywhere. Some places in Uganda they need stronger full-time 4×4 vehicle to reach and if wishing for such journey especially for an adventure in any of Uganda’s parks and have a weaker vehicle it’s advisable to maybe hire a stronger vehicle.