Gorilla Trekking

As for adventures are concerned, gorilla trekking remained dominant among the so many Uganda Tours. Many people visit Uganda particularly to trek gorillas in their natural habitats.

Mountain gorillas are very fascinating wild species that have overridden and become Africa’s most thrilling attractions.

Uganda presents the best gorilla trekking offers from its two gorilla forests sheltering over half of the mountain gorillas remaining in the world.

Where to do Gorilla trekking in Uganda?

Uganda is the pearl of Africa, is blessed with 2 volcanic tropics endemic to mountain gorillas in the country which are Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Forest National Park which forests are located in the proximity of the other.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

The forest is located in Kanungu district in southwestern Uganda overlooking the Rwenzori ranges. Bwindi forest is characterized by rolling terrain of volcanic conical and tropic which favor the presence of mountain gorillas.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park was gazetted in 1991 with the aim to conserve the remaining mountain gorillas in the world which were at the edge of extinction, the Twa people who lived in the forest were forcefully evicted by the government.

According to the very recent gorilla census, there are great conservation efforts due to the increasing number of mountain gorillas, and Bwindi Forest today, houses at least half of the world’s mountain gorillas in the wild.

There are four trekking points at Bwindi among which are; Buhoma, Ruhija, Rushaga, and Nkuringo sector, and where to trek gorillas at any of the points stay in close accommodations facilities to your trekking point.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

The smallest national park in Uganda is endemic to mountain gorillas and the golden monkeys in Uganda which baptize it where “Gold meets Silver”. This volcanic tropical rainforest is a continuation of the Virunga forest, and there is only one habituated gorilla family to trek at Mgahinga forest.

The park is located in Kisoro district in proximity to Bwindi forests and borders with the two countries of Rwanda and DRC. ONLY a group of 8 trekkers can trek gorillas in the park daily and having the chance to see the species here there should at least book for a permit 4 months prior to the trekking date.

How much is Gorilla trekking in Uganda?

Before embarking ongoing driving to these volcanic forests to see the giants, one must have a permit at hand. A permit to trek in Uganda costs US$700 per person per day. As well if interested in doing gorilla habituation and spending a day with the species a permit doubles to cost US$1,500.

How to book a Gorilla trekking permit?

The inconsistency of the Mgahinga gorillas, mainly the Bwindi gorilla trek. The mind always to know if trekking the Mgahinga gorillas is possible, however, the Bwindi impenetrable forest gorillas possibly trek throughout the year. Gorilla permits in Uganda are issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority and can be as well reversed through the authority on an individual basis. But, advisably can reserve your permit at least 3 months before the trekking date.

When is the best time to trek Gorillas?

Mountain gorillas can be trekked throughout the year, though the forest is in the tropic they experience two weather seasons wet and dry seasons.

Trekking gorilla during the dry season is the most perfect and preferred by most of the trekkers, as the slopes are dry, limited rainfalls, not so much muddy, and forests are not always moist. Trekking gorillas during the dry months of December to February and June to September.

The wet/rainy seasons are usually hectic to plan trekking, the surfaces are slippery and muddy, it’s always raining, this forces many of the travelers to hold on for the most relatively okay season. The wet months of September to November and March to May they experience a limited number of travelers.