Why Do I Rent A Self Drive Car in Uganda?

Uganda is also a popular safari destination in Africa and in the world filled with a variety of adventurous and cultural attractions. If you rent a car in Uganda, you will definitely enjoy your holiday or safari at your own pace.

While on vacation in a foreign country, it is everyone’s desire to drive in new cars: a car that commands elegance, class, comfort and respect.

It is only embarking on a self-drive car rental in Uganda deal that can make your desires come true. This is the most evident and vivid way of driving yourself in very high end and posh car.

All one needs to do is hit the internet and search for good competent self-drive car rental companies in Uganda and choose the one that best suits your needs. Make a good relationship with them through emailing them and also contacting them through the phone as their telephones are always displayed on the websites.

When you contact your preferred self-drive car rental company then tell them about your needs then best on the needs, they will know what to offer to you or come up with the best suggestion and advice that can suit your needs. This is normally done by outlining and explaining to you the available cars for your needs.

You are at liberty to choose a car that can fit your needs and finances. For example, if you are going for a family wildlife safari trip, it is advisable for you to choose a passenger van like super custom or safari van which have a four-wheel drive and can accommodate all members of the family you intend to travel with.

On other hand if you are solo traveler and making a Kampala city tour go for a compact car like a Toyota Premio or a crossover car like a RAV4 those two cars can best serve the latter purpose without draining your pockets.

Hiring a car in Uganda becomes cheaper depending on the number of your self-drive safari. If the days are many, there are chances of offering discounts are many. And if you are traveling in a small group the amount of money saved is a lot because you share the costs with others at the same rate. Therefore, renting a car in Uganda is cost effective especially for travelers from international countries because it is expensive to drive from your country of origin to your country, so flying in to Uganda and rent a car to all your destinations becomes cheaper.

The unlimited services offered by the car rental companies can never be outmatched by traveling with public means on your safari. Having a car hired from a car rental company helps you access distant places and manage off beaten tracks. Also unlimited mileage is provided which allows you explore and visit any place you wish to.

The traveler gets to enjoy a luxury private car on their own with lots of comfort and space to accommodate you and your cargo. Unlike public transport where you are squeezed and with lots of stopovers for other passengers to board off and on. When you hire a car for your safari from a car rental company, you can reach any place of your choice according to your itinerary without any limitations.

Among the many cars in the fleet, you have the opportunity to hire the car that you want and comfortable with as you are offered a wide range of choice to make a selection. You can choose from 4×4 vehicles like mini vans, land cruisers, super customs, Prado TZ, land cruiser V8, Rav4, range rovers and many more. In this case the car you choose is what is provided to you

Renting a car is as easy as booking a cab, get online and you will get a car with in minutes and get it delivered to you on your door step. There are many cars for self-drive available and you can choose from a variety of options instead of wasting your time on public means that may ruin your safari. You have a choice of self-drive safari or hire a driver to drive you to the destination you want to visit but it’s at your convenience to drive yourself because it is cheaper and private making it a convenient way to travel.

It allows you to explore the different areas of the country as so doing you have the opportunity to have the untouched experience of Uganda. Unlike safaris where the guides take you to limited safari destinations, with car rental you comfortably travel to all destinations of your choice and sight Uganda’s natural beauties at up close and in reality.

Be assured of assistance in case of breakdown or an accident. In case of any problem, you can just contact the rental car company and the mechanic will be sent to the destination and have the problem fixed or have the car replaced with another one if the problem is bigger so you can continue with your trip.

The car hired comes with insurance. A comprehensive insurance policy that covers both yourself and the vehicle in case of any accidents or damages. This provides you with peace of mind during your self- drive Uganda trip and ensures that you’re adequately protected.

It’s your choice to rent the one with camping gear, allowing you to fully enjoy yourself both on road and on the sleep. This comes with high-quality camping equipment, including tents, sleeping bags, cooking utensils, and more. This means you can set up camp in the heart of the wilderness and truly connect with nature.

You will watch the sun sets over the Savannah, waking up to the sounds of wildlife as to camping adds a whole new dimension to your self-drive holiday.

You should always take note of the speed limit at which you are driving on the Uganda. You have to be very cautious while driving a rented car because you might end up paying much if an accident occurs by your fault. No insurance compensates for reckless driving. On Ugandan roads always keep a speed limit of 40-50 when driving on busy roads and 60-80 on highways.

You are supposed to return the car from self-drive tour on the date and time promised otherwise you might bump into a premium fine for the late return of the vehicle. Self-drive tours in Uganda are one of the most exciting tours in Uganda and these tours can become more incredible.