Akira Alira Adventure Park in Fort Portal

Akira Lira Adventure -Park -in Fort Portal


After enjoying the natural beauty which baptizes Uganda the Pearl of Africa, Akira Alira adventures another adrenaline adventure hub that has been invented to accompany the rich tourist city of Fort Portal.

Western Uganda is the hub of the greater number of incredible tourist attractions among which include Savannah and tropical parks, an area for the incredible mountain gorillas and chimpanzees, as well hosting Africa’s 3rd highest mountain range.

Looking forward to a peaceful escape, then Akira Alira has proved to offer a deal for your getaway in Fort Portal with great on-site amenities of fun and adventure activities.

Akira Alira adventure activities

Endless fun activities to do at Akira Alira; the region is guaranteed to deliver laughter, smiles, and a sense of accomplishment to guests. For Guest who wish to have their own car and take a self-drive, this is meant to be a spot where you freshen up with endless freedom and traveling privacy.

Wall Climbing

This adventure activity offers you a chance of gaining height to that of the Rwenzori peaks. Wall climbing is an outdoor adventure done on artificially constructed timber walls with varying climbers ranges

Obstacle Course

High ropes and obstacle courses give you unparalleled outdoor adventure experience, tackle obstacles, challenge yourself, explore and finally fly around on a zipline.


Grow wings, fly like an eagle, no traffic of Kampala! The joy continues here with the more exciting though challenging fly over the ropes of the zip. It’s always unforgettable memories going over the blue pool waters.

Land Sailing

Introducing land sailing or sand yachting game. Ride a land yacht or boat with the speed, acceleration, and turns to utilize the power of the wind at our location. The game is dependent on the weather with wind speed monitored to advise on the sailing times in the day.


The lodging facility is featured with two wider and beautiful swimming pools that are set to set you free from mind trouble.

Mini Golf

Swing into action and test your putting skills at our 18-hole grass Mini-Golf Course. The course consists of surprises with challenges at every twist and turns offering you the ideal spot for friends and family fun. Stay physically active, keep your mind and body healthy!

On-board offers at Akira Alira Adventures and Lodge


The amazing Akira Alira lodge is designed with features of new 12 luxury cabins to ensure that guests here have the best on their times here. The lodging facility is overlooking the incredible Rwenzori Mountains providing the ideal setting for both relaxing escapes and group retreats.


The lodge is designed with two Kitchen where the main kitchen and restaurant mainly serves guests doing adventure activities during the day, and the other kitchen and restaurant located in the lodging section of the facility serves staying guests. With the emphasis being on local and fresh sustainably sourced ingredients of culinary suggestions.

Adventure activities

The on-board offer comes with all the activities, however, one can decide to pay for every single adventure activity done.

Health and fitness

In the morning, one can attend the daybreak Yoga, for fitness cases, there is also an evening walks through the hills.

On-site Wi-Fi

Do worry about the internet, all come with our package where our client has an obligation to enjoy the unlimited which is designed particularly for full board clients.

Drink and Bar

There are various cocktails, soft and hard drinks in the bar area.



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