The Democratic Republic of Congo accuses Rwanda of invasion of its Territory


The Democratic Republic of Congo has come out to accuse Rwanda of supporting the alleged attacks of the M23 rebel activities happening at Bunagana town.

Authorities from the Democratic Republic of Congo have focused their accusations on Rwanda’s influences on the rebel activities that have ensured the great influx of Congolese into Uganda’s border of Bunagana town in Kisoro district in southwestern Uganda.

Depending on the reports from Sylvain Ekenge, the spokesperson for the military governor of DRC’s northeastern North Kivu Province where the fighting is happening, the provincial government is accusing the Rwanda army of “violating our frontier intangibility and territorial integrity by occupying Bunagana on Monday at around”

The tension between the two countries intensified last month after DRC accused Rwanda of supporting M23 rebels in renewing fighting in the country’s northeastern North Kivu Province.

For the last accusations, Rwanda hasn’t yet issued any statement on the matters, but Rwanda Defense Forces (RDF) said in the statement that the defense and security of the Rwandan population, and Rwanda’s territorial integrity, are assured.

But Rwanda has come out to deny the first charges and instead accused the Congolese Army of allying with Rwanda rebels of the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) operating in eastern DRC, whose operations are blamed on the 1994 genocide of the Tutsi in Rwanda.

Now hundreds of Congolese nationals are flooding Uganda’s border at Bunagana.



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