Hippo Invade Family in Lwengo District, Uganda


Today 04th May 2020, a family in Lwengo District, Central Uganda has been attacked by the dangerous wild animal (Hippo) and the father in this family has lost life by the attack of this animal. Later on, the community gathered to see the situation and later on the security officers arrived to the scene.

The community members suggested to the police officers to be allowed to eat this meat as a compensation to the friend being killed by this animal. But this suggestion did not sound positive in the ears of the police officers, who claimed that last time same communities ate such an animal and they ended up contracting diseases like flue among others from such wild meat and situation ended in the run off by police dispersing away the local communities.

Thereafter, officers from the Uganda Wildlife Authority arrived at the scene and they allowed the communities to eat the meat and this gave joy and jubilation to the local communities and everyone is seen carrying pieces of meat.

Therefore, the LC V Chairman together with the area Resident District Commissioner called upon the authority controlling wildlife animals to come and rescue the communities in Lwengo District. Due to the heavy rain falls some of the wild animals leaving in nearby wetlands invade local communities following the floods of the waters that spread over the flat areas.



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