Kiira Motors Delivers 5 buses for City Transportation


On Monday 5/06/2022, the Tondeka Bus Transport Company Ltd received 5 buses from Kiira Motors. These buses are to arrange for mass city transport as one of the government programs for decongesting Kampala city.

Mr. Moris Mukiibi, the public relations Tondeka Transport Company, said the five busses are the first batch to be procured from Kiira Motors.

We are expecting at least 25 more buses from the same company before the year ends, Mr. Mukiibi added.

“These buses are going to be tested as passengers enjoy the services at a subsidized cost. We expect to have at least 600 buses by the end of next year,” Mr. Mukiibi said.

“We were supposed to purchase buses from China, but due to the presidential directive not to import buses, we decided to purchase them from Kiira Motors. When Kiira Motors was not in a position to produce the buses on time, we had to wait, but now we are very optimistic that Kiira Motors has the capacity to produce all the buses,’’ he added.

The five diesel buses are going to be plying different routes to and from city suburbs. However, Tondeka is expecting to receive some electric buses in the next batches.

The Tondeka buses program was to start earlier in 2020 during the covid-19 lockdown, but the program was delayed.

Kiira Motors is a local company that assembles electric cars. While launching the company, President Museveni had promised all bus importers to start buying their buses from Kiira Motors.



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