Fire Outbreak destroys Brovad Sands Lodge Kalangala



On Monday night fire burnt the main building of Brovad Sands Lodge which building had contained a bar, restaurant, kitchen, football watching hall, and many others, and the fire burnt down everything.

The police are now investigating the matter to understand the true source of the fire outbreak. However, it’s alleged that power would have been caused by an electrical short circuit. By the time fire broke out there was no one in the building.

Eric Bukulu, the facility’s assistant manager, said the building contained a bar, restaurant, kitchen, and football watching hall and the fire burnt everything to ashes.

He said that the lodge doesn’t have firefighting equipment and yet the building contains a number of gas cylinders that must have fuelled more flames that destroyed everything.

Bakulu noticed that they saw fire in the ceiling of the building which indicated that the fire must have been caused by a short circuit.

The eyewitness also said that by the time of their arrival at the scene, the fire was beyond what any basic firefighting equipment could do like using hand fire extinguishers making them just look as the fire was destroying everything around.

This is the 3rd fire outbreak on Kalangala Island this year 2022, the first happened in January at Nkose landing site leaving one dead and one property destroyed.

And in February 2022, a fire destroyed houses in Kalangala village, destroyed properties worth millions still due to a lack of firefighting equipment.

James Nandu Mugoya in charge of community policing at Kalangala central police station ascertained that Kalangala has no fire brigade making it difficult for police to fight the fire.


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