Luganda added on Google Translate


Finding the meaning of Luganda words has been eased following Google’s announcement of the addition of other 24 indigenous languages. With its latest updates, Google has revealed the inclusion of other 10 locally spoken languages on its translation software.

Google LLC, is a multinational technology company that focuses on artificial intelligence, and search engines, and is the global leading source of information.

With technology, Google has enlisted the help of native speakers and linguists to help refine the translation.

These new languages aren’t the world’s most used, but some are used by millions of people across.

According to browsing giants, has shown that Luganda is a wider language that is used both in Uganda and neighboring Rwanda.

Luganda is a Bantu spoken language that originates from the indigenous Baganda people who form the highest position in Uganda forming the East African strongest traditional government (Buganda Kingdom).

This indigenous language is Uganda widely spoken by over 15 Baganda people right from the central region and spreads widely across the country and the neighboring.

It’s one local language used for trade-in major urban centers after English and next by Kiswahili and other indigenous languages.

The newly added languages are the first Google has added to the service using its Zero-shot Machine learning model that can learn to translate words into another language without having to see an example.

Google has not yet shared how this works, but the company has been talking about such since 2016.

The new African spoken language that is added to the translate list include;

  • Luganda is spoken in Uganda and Rwanda
  • Tigrinya is  spoken in Ethiopia and Eritrea
  • Tsonga is spoken in South Africa
  • Twi is spoken in Ghana
  • Oromo is spoken in Ethiopia
  • Lingala is spoken in wider parts of Central Africa mainly the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Krio is spoken in Sierra Leone
  • Ewa is spoken in Togo
  • Bambara is spoken in Mali

However, there have been already some other African indigenous spoken languages on the translation software which include Amharic, Hausa, and Somali.







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