Virtual Gorilla Tracking Experience

virtual gorilla tracking

No hurdles of driving longer journeys, enjoy the comfort of your convenience, and virtually ramble through the 334km2 and 34km2 rolls of conical extinct dormant volcanos decorated with the thick tropic rainforests.

In the steep rolling and untamed thick jungles of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park are the mountain gorilla species. Virtual gorilla tracking experience is another basic way of how to uglier reach these jungles in a smart way.

Virtual gorilla experience brings the experience just closer and cheaper compared to real-life gorilla trekking. The experience has been launched, and this new form of virtually tracking the mountain gorillas comes to fit in the technology evolution space.

Gorilla conservation is a unite of considerations that have for a time has stood beneficial to the eco-system and surrounding communities of people close to the special habitats of gorillas.

In the case of conservation and selling the experience, the virtual style of watching the gorillas. Have the special glasses on your eyes and comfortably roll into the matrix closet for the experience.

For people interested in this special form of meeting their ancestors, they have to pay an amount of US$2 to procure a permit to track the species virtually from both Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

With the physical comfort, virtually be able to stalk as many gorilla groups as you can, and the percentage of your membership goes towards the livelihood of communities living close to the cousins, said Lilly Ajarova, the CEO of Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) while launching the project at Protea Kampala Skyz Hotel.

“This new form of responsible tourism will treat nature and environment fans to the lifestyles of more than 450 apes in the world,” stressed Ajarova. “Unlike CNN footage, members will be treated to how they: court, nurture their infants, regenerate their DNA, celebrate their birthdays, dine and dance.”

The new venture code named My Gorilla Family was the brainchild of David Gonahasa.

For gorilla trekking in Uganda, one should have a permit which costs US$700 for an hour in the company of the gorillas, very cheaper compared to Rwanda permit which hikes to US$1,500 for the same experience. And for the special gorilla habituation process of having more than 4 hours in the company of the species at US$1,500.

What to miss on the virtual tracking, is the long-distance drive of over 400km from Kampala capital to the Kigezi region southwestern Uganda is the process of watching the apes. And on addition the natural interaction that exists rewarding with various encounters among which is the community visits, bird watching, and many other forest dwellers.




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