Kakine Campsite, Kidepo Valley National Park

Kakine Campsite - Kidepo Valley National Park

A place in the wilderness where everything is about you In an actual sense, the Kakine self-catering campsite is located close to Kidepo Valley National Park headquarters. But more adventurous travelers always prefer to explore such wonderful places of isolation.

The campsite offers budget-friendly accommodations to guests visiting Kidepo Valley National Park. And when spending some time at the campsite, guests are advised to buy enough food from the nearby towns.

Kakine self-catering campsite is a budget accommodation facility inside the park. This is one of the best places to stay if you want to use budget accommodations while spending your nights in this wilderness.

Staying at the campsite is an opportunity to have calm nights packed with the interruptions of lions, the steps of night wanderers, the laughs of the hyenas, and the melodies of night birds.

All travelers planning to stay at Kakine Self-Catering Campsite are advised to carry their own food because meals are not included in the room price and are also not provided.

In case of a food shortage, you can get local food from a nearby market. Water is provided, and visitors cook their own food. You are well advised to carry your sleeping gear. For people who always take a self-drive and with self-accommodation of either ground or rooftop tent camping.

When you want to travel and sleep at this amazing campsite, you only need an armed ranger guide.

The Kakine self-catering campsite has a permanent shelter, which helps you store your supplies. It also collects rainwater, which is used to flush toilets, run water, and always be accompanied by armed ranger guides.


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