Uganda airline Launched Sky Celebrations

Uganda Airline launches the sky wedding celebrations

Uganda airline launches Sky celebrations, take your wedding to the sky, this is a unique experience for weddings and other party celebrations.

The national carrier has launched a new product on board, this is the Sky celebration and Sky wedding. The launch happened Sunday 31st July at the Bride and Groom Expo at Lugogo.

Jennifer Bamuturaki, the Uganda Airline executive director, noted that as the carrier of choice for business and leisure travelers, the airline strives to give innovative solutions for delightful experiences.

“The Sky celebration and Sky Weddings are about moving from the ordinary way of celebrating relationship milestones to a very unique choice of taking your party from the ground to the clouds,” said Bamuturaki.

For all the bridal stages that go through a journey of proposals, bridal shopping, the actual wedding, and honeymoon experience, and anniversary celebrations each of these stages.

Uganda Airlines had got a special memorable experience customized for all these bridal stages.

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“Imagine celebrating your nuptials abroad an aircraft, with your newlywed on your most auspicious occasion taking a tour to the Pearl of Africa, with the best inflight hospitality among friends and family,” she added.

Now the Wedding can be done in Dubai, Mombasa, Zanzibar, Dar-es-Salaam, Entebbe, and Johannesburg to the full reach of the airline.


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